News of Qatar’s Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis is Untrue: Official

Media reports of Qatar’s visa on arrival for Pakistanis, as you could imagine, are untrue, we have officially checked with Qatar Airline.

News went viral in Pakistan earlier this evening when a misstatement printed on Qatar Airline’s official website was quoted by media houses in Pakistan.

The statement on Qatar Airline’s official website reads:

Pakistani nationals can obtain visa on arrival for up to 30 days — was quoted by media houses


However, as a matter of fact, Pakistan is not included in the list of 80 countries that are offered visa-on-arrival by Qatar.

Qatar Airline official confirmed that visa on arrival service is not valid for Pakistani nationals.

Pakistanis, instead, can obtain a free visa for 30 days if they meet following requirements:

  • Buy tickets from Qatar Airline’s official website
  • Make hotel reservations from list of hotels listed on Qatar Airline’s official website
  • Passengers should have $1500 in cash or a credit card with same credit limit
  • Apply for Visa from Qatar’s website

An official of Qatar Airline confirmed ProPakistani that Pakistanis can get free visa (while they are in Pakistan) if and only if they meet above requirements.

In such cases, Qatar Airline will arrange free visa for Pakistani nationals, said the statement.

  • Nah, This seems to be true as the image posted above is also available on Qatar”s official website.
    And it reads, Pakistani Nationals can obtain Visa on Arrival.

    People might be confusing it with the Visa-Free Entry.

  • Hasty posting. Just verified from the Qatar Airways website which again is giving another impression. Try calling ministry of interior in Doha and then put up a post.
    Poor show

  • So much LNG bought for 15 years, and still not even one of the EIGHTY countries, getting visa on arrival — this is what happens when you have incompetent political appointees in foreign office, rather than merit.
    Miss the times of Sahabzada Yaqoub Khan, may Allah bless him — and now even our top officers such as Abdul Basit are resigning because of political traitors like Hussain Haqqani.
    Should have hanged him before Chordaree let him go free. . .at least hang this SOB still in our hands?
    Revolution coming soon, if this continues!
    How many “adjustments” will you make army? Till you lose the country?

  • Seems like misinformation. All other credible websites n media outlets are saying the opposite. Even the qatar airways site. Please fully research before posting.

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