Here are Tips for A Better Careem Experience During Eid Holidays

Eid Al Azha is right around the corner and we bet you are busy making plans on how to celebrate.

So while you will Careem to get your plans going, don’t forget to keep these following tips in mind, for a better way to get around:

Watch Out for Peak Pricing

As with all major holidays, and with the high demand for rides, you may experience peak pricing.

You will see the amount of peak at the top of your app and Careem will ask you to confirm your ride to ensure you are okay with the additional cost.

Also, make sure to also check out the fare estimator in advance to see how much you can expect to pay for the total trip.

Careem is incentivizing its captains with a generous bonus plan to encourage them to pick you up.

Travel Safely

Before hopping into your ride, make sure you double-check the license plate number and type of car noted within the Careem app.

Once you get in the car, be sure to also ask for and confirm your Captain’s name. Careem is doing its bit on the safety and security side with its in-ride insurance that gives coverage to both captain and customer for accidents.

Give Careem a ring

Careem says that they have customer care agents working around the clock to best serve you and answer any questions you might have.

Simply give their 24/7 call center a ring, and they will help solve any issues you might be having.

Be Careem!

Lastly, remember to Be Careem this season and be respectful and generous to your Captains. They are working hard to ensure you have a successful and happy Eid, but it often means they sacrificed seeing their families to do so.

Be sure to share your appreciation and give a simple thank you at the end of your ride and rate them well if you feel they have done a good job.

Credit card customers have the option of giving captains a little edhi through Careem’s tipping option.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday. Eid Mubarak Careemers! #ChaloLetsGo

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