Pakistan Railways Spends Rs. 550 Million on Maintenance in 4 Years

Pakistan Railways has incurred 554 million rupees for repair, renovation and reconstruction of stations in all parts of the country during the last four years.

According to official sources, more than 330 million rupees have been incurred in Punjab, 190 million in Sindh, 23.6 million rupees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 10.35 million rupees have been incurred in Balochistan.

Rehabilitation work of track, bridges and stations on Sibi-Khost Section is also in progress which includes rehabilitation of eight stations on this section. The task will be completed at a cost of 200 million rupees.

The up-gradation and renovation of Kohat Cantt railway station at an estimated cost of 51.7 million rupees is in progress.

A PC-I for up-gradation and renovation of stations in Balochistan at a cost of 243.5 million rupees and up-gradation of stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at a cost of 442.7million rupees is also in process.

  • I am refering to my journey from Karachi to Lahore on 25 Aug 2017 in Green line coach #2 of Cabin A. As train moved, we’d come to know that whole our cabin as well as whole coach #2 & 3 were full of bed bugs. The numbers were count less and every passenger condition was miserable.
    You can’t imagine our condition, if u’ve to spend next 17 hours in that cabin with those things. I haven’t paid to travel like that.
    Further, we’d approached Train manager and complain about it but he said i had complained about it too. Meanwhile he arranged & sprayed anti bug spray of i think least quality and said rest i can do nothing. Our whole journey went like that.
    That is the dilemma of every good initiative/ service in Pakistan. With the passage of time, instead of making service better it converts into more pathetic state.
    I’ve recorded my complain manually as well as on official page/ e mail of Pak rail to pay special attention to cleanliness of trains on immediate basis for betterment of passengers.

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