Lahore to Get A $600 Million Disneyland Like Amusement Park

Lahoris rejoice! A Greek company is going to make a world class amusement park in the city. Punjab government was officially requested by a Greek investment group, LEEAD Consulting, for a duty and tax free regime.

The company is planning to invest $621 million in a Disneyland-esque amusement park for Lahore.

Tax and Duty Free Investment for Everyone

According to the Coordination Additional Commissioner, Usman Khalid Khan, the foreign investment group asked for a similar status for the other companies investing in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

Even though it doesn’t fall under the provincial government’s jurisdiction to agree to such demands, Punjab government has requested Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) help in this matter.

The park will be built on an area spanning 600 acres, if the Federal government approves the project, said Usman Khan. The project will be executed on a build, own and operate model. LEEAD Consulting and other investors will own the land for 20 years.

About The Project

The park will have a number of amusement attractions, hotels and business centres enhancing job opportunities in Lahore. An aquarium, state of the art theme park rides and a roller coaster will also be built for the park.

It will be located between Sagian and Kot Abdul Malik areas where Parks and Horticulture authority will be managing and executing the whole thing.

Interested Parties

Before LEEAD Consulting decided to invest, other companies expressed their interest in building an amusement park in Lahore.

Two companies were interested in the idea but backed out of the deal. A Chinese investment company, Golden Bean was interesting in funding the project but dropped the idea later on.

Another company did the same and left the project during early negotiations.

The government is now directly signing the deal instead of signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

Via Express Tribune

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  • What about other cities they’ll remain garbage or what, people will snatch their rights if ya cant allow them true nd rare example is East-Pakistan aka Bangladesh.

  • First it started with “Disneyland” in Lahore, now its “Disneyland Like” lets see how the future goes

    • End mein pata chalay wohi sastay jhoolay laga ke gate ke bahar chawanni walay mickey and minnie kharay kar dein ge… along with stilt walker… :D

  • yes spend everything on Lahore and neglect other cities of Punjab, and most importantly spend it on unnecessary pursuits. This retarded leadership has no sense of how to prioritize things for public welfare.

    • There is a foregin company who wants to open up a amusement park in Lahore. Un ko kahein nahi sukriya?

      • They are only investing because Lahore is looting the rights of all other cities, and then giving free subsidies like EPZ tax-free zoning facilities to them.
        If Lahories want entertainment, let them pay from their own pockets, instead of always being blood suckers that they have been for the last 70 years, and a burden on the country!
        Let every city in Pakistan enjoy the same benefits and create equal level ground, then let the international companies decide where they want to invest?

        • there is a single formula for granting tax concessions to provinces. Tax concessions given to Lahore’s metro were also granted to Karachi, Peshawar and multan.

  • Great news! beneficial for Investors who willing to make a Lahore a biggest economical hub.this step will be taken on other cities as well. don’t be biased.

    is it Karachi not the part of Pakistan, which have physical Sea Ports, who is generating the above 50% revenue as compare to whole Pakistan. just considering the worst city in the world. Kash key Karachi ka bhi koi Waali Waris Hota (agar pmln ka mehal karachi mein hota to yahan per bhi development hoti)..

      • Good! In that case please also not take money earned by Karachi
        to other provinces, and let it be spent here.
        Punjab with 63% population should also contribute 63% to revenue — at least 60% to
        income tax? (If we take out the port revenue to give equal footing).
        But no — the whole of Pakistan does not want to pay taxes on the same level as
        Karachi, which many of you will be surprised to know has higher rates of taxation than anywhere else in the country on many, many things from electricity to a lot of other things. But these free-loaders want to steal the taxes paid by Karachi people.
        Why doesn’t someone be brave and do an item by item comparison of tax rates in various cities on various goods and services from gas, electricity and water to petrol and all other products and services, and give a pricing chart of prices for comparison.
        No one will do it, for the fear of revealing the truth everyone knows, but are too shameless to admit!
        This is 2017, and still such third rate, ancient slavery practices are continuing in a country that was formed in the name of Islam, which made all Muslims equal.
        But in Pakistan everybody from one province is “special”, whether it is government jobs, privileges, and all sorts of freebies — but when it comes to paying taxes — they are always at the bottom (per capita basis).
        Time has come for change, and if those institutions which keep claiming to hold the solidarity of the country as their highest priority, then let them be brave and abolish all quotas, all special privileges, all special zones, and let everything in the country
        be run purely according to merit.
        It’s a shame that while the rest of the country treats Karachi like Dubai, even Dubai has locals as its police and administration managing everything from the top — but
        in Karachi even the top police, rangers, teachers, administrators are all imported from outside Karachi. And not because of lack of talent, but because of lack of quota!
        How many IGs in Punjab or KPK come from Karachi? But the IG of Sindh somehow always comes from outside Karachi/Sindh. How many commissioners in Lahore come from Karachi? and vice-versa? How many VCs of universities?
        This is the core reason that idiots like one fat traitor sitting in London gets even one vote of support in Karachi.
        Because people of Karachi have no other options.
        If people at helm of affairs had any sense (of fairness, or intelligence) then they would actually spend at least 25% of what Karachi earns on the city itself. Karachi would be ahead of Hong Kong, Dubai and other major cities in Asia.

        Infact Dubai would not even exist today, if Karachi had been treated fairly and properly, as it was already the port and airport hub of all of Asia in 1980s, long before Dubai even had Shaikh Zayed Road!

        But Karachi was systematically destroyed by traitors who were more loyal to their province than the country, for whcih all teh nation continues to pay the price todate, with our slave labor being exported to Middle East by the millions and living like animals there, when they should have lived liek kings in our own country!
        But like vampires, all the blood suckers in charge are just keeping Karachi alive (sick, destitute and weak, but alive) — so they can continue to suck its blood and resources for years to come.
        The latest Census is just another example of how this plans to continue for the next
        decade as well.
        Why in today’s time, DNA, retina and bio-metrics are not used to confirm population —
        which is only important because every time resource allocation is talked about, its on the basis of population(not revenue generation) – so that one province can continue to loot and plunder the vast majority of the nation’s resources.
        And if you are in Karachi putting burden on Karachi’s resources, you cannot be counted as a Mardan resident or Sialkot resident just because your domicile is from there.
        People have been living in Karachi for decades, yet counted in population of other provinces because their NICs and domiciles are from elsewhere — hence Karachi’s
        population gets under-reported, while it disproportionately lifts the burden of all these free-loaders.
        In interior Sind, the Sindhis know that they are already a minority in the province but cling woefully and shamefully to power, because accepting the truth would mean they
        would lose all power in the province, including all ministries and CMs positions.
        Who would build towers in Dubai and buy half the city from corruption and looted Karachi money there then (and that by the way includes MQM not just PPP legislatures?
        How could their children, and even their dogs and horses be treated in London, and drink Avian, while Karachites don’t even get dirty drinking water for months in the taps, for which they are continuing to pay taxes.
        Which is why the system of actual democracy, where power was devolved to the Councillor level (by none other than the famous dictator Musharraf) was the first thing jointly attacked and abolished by both Punjab and Sindh, so that resources could once again be plundered, looted and consolidated at the provincial, not local level.
        I have only one word for those in charge of Pakistan.
        It is Allah’s Way, and mentioned as such by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) —
        “A system of Kufr can survive, but not a system of injustice”
        — let the people in charge think a bit on this. Are they willing to look the other way as a special case on this particular saying of the Prophet, and in this particular case of Karachi, because it suits them, and benefits them to do so?
        Well then they should know that they are in a losing war, as all wars against Allah, and His Way will be lost by those who oppose it – eventually.
        If you have not learnt from losing half the country, perhaps you will not learn losing the rest also.

        Grow out of your clan-mentality, it was the first thing crushed under the foot of the Prophet (PBUH) when Islam came, even before Namaaz and Zakat were established – social justice was established in Islam.
        Yet today being a Rana or Butt or Shaikh is more important to some than being a Pakistani and Muslim! Are we worse than the Kuffar of Mecca before Prophet Muhammed came?

        Was not in Badar one Quraish brother fighting another or a father fighting his son? In the name of what? Clan? Province? City? NO! NO! NO!
        Only in the name of Islam — and till that time Islam stood mostly for social justice!

        When we take that away, who do we think we are fooling by calling ourselves “Fortress of Islam.”

        We should be ashamed of ourselves that we have weakened the very foundations on which this
        country was built.
        May Allah rid us of Munafiqs in our midst. Ameen!

  • Ab is park k naam pe vote maangain ge.
    Sab se pehle Disneyland (type) park hamari Govt ne banaya.
    Geo ghulamoun!

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