Malik Riaz Donates Rs. 1 Billion for Rohingya Muslims

One of Pakistan’s most wealthiest and most prominent figure — Malik Riaz — has announced a donation of Rs. 1 billion for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma).

The business tycoon says,

The Europeans have openly welcomed Muslims from all over the world into their countries, can we not accommodate 1 million Rohingya Muslims in our country?

Devastated by the lack of interest from other Muslim countries, Malik Riaz decided to take things into his own hands and announced the donation. After the announcement, he said:

I am willing to donate Rs. 1 Billion along with land accommodation to help the Rohingya Muslims resettle in Pakistan. The government and establishment need to work together and help bring the Rohingya Muslims to Pakistan, and this will help us as a nation. Allah will help us by helping others!

He also raised some valid questions by drawing a comparison between Kashmir and Burma.

We are so passionate about Kashmir, then why not about Burma? We need to stand our own feet before the world declares us as terrorists and we end up as the Burmese Muslims. We need to take the initiative ourselves and support the Rohingya Muslims by giving them financial assistance and land to live.

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He revealed all of this during a TV interview. The video can be seen below:

Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are going through the worst humanitarian crisis which has been acknowledged by the world. The Burmese Army is slaughtering the Rohingya and they have nowhere to go. Even bangladesh has closed its borders and isn’t allowing these poor souls a way out of this trouble. The Turkish government has also asked the Bangladesh government to allow the Rohingya Muslims to come through but it seems the request has fallen on deaf ears.

This act of greatness should be a lesson to everyone who is in a position to contribute and help the Muslims of Myanmar and rescue them from the atrocities of the local authorities.

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