Saudi Airline’s Behavior Towards Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims Will Shock You

Saudi Arabian Airlines put its passengers at risk when it took off from Madina despite a faulty air-conditioning system. The flight was scheduled to bring pilgrims back to Pakistan and land in Karachi. However, the difficult journey resulted in several passengers losing consciousness during the flight.

Some passengers reported that the international flight SV-706 was more than 3 hours late and when the passengers boarded the plane, they got to know that the aircraft’s AC was not functioning.

Several commuters asked the airline staff about the AC but they were told that it would start working once the plane takes off. However, that did not happen and the air conditioning did not work.

Media reports state that passengers were angry at the poor service and complained about the heat, humidity and the odd pressure inside the plane. Passengers say that the airline staff were non-cooperative.

Intense humidity caused several passengers to pass out while many others were in poor condition when the aircraft landed in Karachi. Despite the critical condition of several passengers, the staff reportedly decided to complete the flight. Media reports suggest that the aircraft could have been landed on any airport nearby. In case of a medical emergency, aircrafts can be landed on any airport.

Most of the passengers on the flight were pilgrims including women, children and old people. Some passengers have also shared photos and videos of the aircraft during the flight which go on to show the poor attitude of the airline staff.

Up until now, there has been no reaction from the CAA regarding the issue and Pakistani authorities are shush on the matter.

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  • 6 Dafa Travel kar chuka hon Saudi Airlines say Saudia Arabia. 2 Dafa Plane k halaat aisay thay k aik aik sec Dua ke hai k ALLAH Khariat say pohancha day.

    • You should have taken a leaf from PIA’s book and slit the throat of a black goat on the tarmac on landing.

      • It is a great achievement in itself for allowing you 3rd world people into Saudi. You expect royal treatment. Pakistanis are meant for only one thing, I guess you know that.

        • You shouldn’t have spread your backward religion around the world. It’s only caused problems. The infidels are far ahead of you Muslims.

          As for allowing Pakistanis into your country why don’t you put a stop to it? Don’t you have a voice in your country’s affairs?

          • You are an Indian infidel. “You Muslims” proves it. Go back home and try to find a customer who is interested in your mother, sister and your daughter. You will starve to death if all the three are not working tonight. BTW, your father is happy eating Shi* here.

  • Travelled from saudi airlines myself, riyadh to khi on wednesday, but i found their service satisfactory. Same was with karachi to Madina. Lets not crucify them by 1 isolated incident, our own national carrier is much worse.

    • Given the age of hajji of Pakistan its not a thing that we should let go. Most of Pakistan’s pilgrims age is normally above 60. And most of pilgrims travel once in lifetime

      And they should refund. For them it will just be an isolated case of refund. No?

      • Its supply and demand policy, and the services they provide pilgrims (e.g. 2 piece luggage, immigration easiness, etc) outshine most carriers, so much that their flights are among the first ones to get booked in pakistan. Forget refund, i dont think even the authorities would say anything regarding the favourite airlines. This was just an isolated case. if this case was in 1 more flight, things would be different, but no. Take example the paki women who triggered a whole hotel buildings sprinklers and destroyed their infrastructure, should we Pakistani Gov be the one to compensate? Not

    • I see what you are trying to do here but it would be much better if you take your attempts at trolling somewhere else.

      On the side note, what exactly you mean by ‘you people’? This ‘you’ just points out one thing but I want you to say it.

    • No, because it’s obvious to anyone with two brain cells. It’s all part of the worldly test, and every hardship experienced in His way will be rewarded many times over in the afterlife.

    • From your silly comment one should assume that follower of a religion should pray and problem should get solved immediately, then world will be a peaceful place. Even if you are an atheist Mr. you will follow a religion in that case.

      I literally laughed how silly people can be when they target a religion.

  • I almost always travel to and from Saudi Arabia via Saudi Airlines and there is service is much better then several middle eastern airlines. Lets not put blame on whole airline for one incident.

  • Very bad attitude and service from Saudi Airline

    Saudies Mentality toward Pakistanis is just like a Maalik n Nokar

  • im not surprised as its not about passengers, its about our nationality…… Al-Bakistan(). World will throw us like animals….

  • Can’t they be sued for such an inhuman behavior and services? I think people who traveled on the SV flight must consider to launch a united compensation claim / damages . This is the only way to avoid such incidences in future. Probably Pakistanis are taken for granted to be extended poor services and it is because we never go to courts or sue service providers or businesses that serve us. It is a wake up call albeit there is no point to cry and raise voice if you cannot launch and follow your due claims.

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