German Ambassador Wins Hearts & Minds with His Stroll Through Peshawar

A lot of people in Pakistan are seeing a return to the calm and normalcy that has evaded this country for the better part of a decade. It’s a nice feeling to have, from seeing international cricketers coming back to Pakistan, to seeing our Chinese neighbors (who came here due to CPEC) venturing outside in major Pakistani cities and mingling with locals.

And now, we’re seeing international diplomats partaking in the sights and sounds of our cities, all without worrying about security and threat to their lives.

The German ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler, highlighted this aspect as he recently went shopping in Peshawar.

Here’s how casually and normally he went about his business (or pleasure as one might say in this instance):

The above Tweet, which shows the German Ambassador in his element, was made by the Senior Superintendent of Police Sajjad Khan in Peshawar. It may be safe to say that the SSP was accompanying the German Ambassador but without the heavy security presence that accompanies such foreigners of repute.

Oh and even the German Ambassador himself tweeted about this:

Not to be outdone, the PTI Official Twitter account also got in on the action, highlighting the fact that KPK has become safer for foreigners now:

We see the German Ambassador enjoying a haircut Pakistani-barbershop style (hope he opted for a maalish too). We also see him going for some shopping for some dry fruits.

Its no doubt that Pakistan social media users are going all goo-gah over his recent exploits in Peshawar.

One thing is for sure. Such PR charm offensives are much needed to convince the world that Pakistan is open for business and that the country has come a long way from the times when suicide bombings and terrorist attacks were the norm.

Here’s to hoping other international diplomats in Pakistan also delight Pakistani locals in the same way.

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        • no one is born terrorist :)
          we need to realize this fact and accept what we did wrong in making them or destroying image of PAKISTAN.
          No nation like us, MODI was right in isolating us (PAKISTAN)

          • Ironically, Modi is himself a Terrorist. He was on travel ban since he was responsible for deaths of thousands of people( Muslims ) in Gujarat.

            • I accept …
              par look where he is :) where we are now.
              dukh hota hy jab koi internationally kehta hy Pak k bary m and we are facing this thing too.
              its better to start thinking & implementing how to change yourself (own-self) even me too.

              • Look at it differently, India is a country who has elected a Hindu extremist as a leader of a country, something which was to happen in Pakistan or some other Muslim country, world would have turned upside down. That’s the sort of hypocrisy the world stands on! I can give tons of examples.

                Don’t be naive, Pakistan is target of international establishment let me more blunt it’s the Zionists often called Neocons. The whole of Western Presstitute Media is controlled by them which shapes World narrative especially Western World. Propaganda is extremely powerful and victim includes Iraq, Libya etc!
                Please read ” Propaganda book by Edward Bernays ( Father of Public Relations aka Propaganda).

                Agreed with the last part, Unless we change ourselves nothing will change. God helps those who help themselves!

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