Petition Filed Against ‘Slave Like’ Conditions for Doctors in Hospitals

Doctors in the federal capital are working over 100 hours a week without getting paid for it, according to a petition filed at the Islamabad High Court.

Dr. Nafeesa Hiba, the petitioner, said that doctors work for extended periods of time every week, often as much as 102 hours. At times they have to work for 30 hours continuously.

She gave reference of the hours the medical staff are made to work in India and Western Countries saying that the doctors in India work 48-hour weeks and even less in the West.

She added that the staff is provided with unhygienic food as well as poor quality water which compel them (mostly female doctors) to leave their profession.

Lack of Sleep and Motivation

Moreover, the petitioner, who herself is a qualified MBBS doctor, said that the extended working hours of these doctors affects their health and energy. The doctors are demotivated and are unable to take care of patients effectively.

The doctors are also not provided enough time to take naps and their working hours do not allow them to socialize. Thanks to this, they often suffer from insomnia. She compared the situation of doctors with slaves saying that the doctors are made to work for long hours without any additional pay.

Leads to Mistrust

She asked the court that if an incident occurs due to the doctors being overworked who would they blame? The doctors are unable to treat the patients properly as they are exhausted. This leads the patients to think that the doctors are being negligent and irresponsible when that’s not the case.

Dr. Hiba further added that making doctors work for more than 102 hours a week violates fundamental rights and also Constitution’s Article 25 which states the right of equal in public employment.

In the end she requested the court to amend the unlawful rules and reduce the working hours for doctors.

Via Dawn