Official: Qatar Just Announced Free Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis

After some confusion, The State of Qatar today officially announced that they are allowing all Pakistanis — with valid passports — to obtain free Tourist Visa on arrival.

All you need to have is:

  • Valid passport with six months validity
  • Confirmed return ticket
  • 5000 riyals or equivalent currency (PKR 144,000) or a valid credit card

If you have above mentioned things in hand, then simply fly to Qatar for a free tourist visa on arrival.

Qatar Embassy in Pakistan said that free tourist visa will be valid for 30 days and can be extended for a similar duration after confirming the return ticket.

    • Qatar is in deep crisis these days,, the things which costed 1 Riyal before is now available in 10 ~ 11 Riyals. Dairy products are being rationed and most of the super market shelves are empty.
      No point going there even if there are no conditions on Qatari visa.

      • I agreed, Qatar is in crisis but not that much as you interpret here. I am living here and everything is same as before. They started trade with another countties, No shelves are empty in supermarket and everything is fine Alhamdolillah . Atleast Pakistani people say Thank you to Qatar government for this kind action because no gulf countries issued pakistani visa on arrival.

  • They opened doors for around 80 countries. This doesn’t affect Pakistan’s passport index. Infact, they would never have taken this step if they were not facing blanket ban from other GCC countries.

    These requirements of ‘return ticket’ and ‘proof of funds’ is very common in visa-free and visa-on-arrival destinations. Even Pakistan ask for proof of funds from foreign tourists.

  • This is old news. The information on Qatar Airways website was not only authentic but updated in a timely manner.Many people wont be able to qualify since they need USD 1500 as proof of sufficient funds which in this announcement is given as QAR 5000.

    Qatar is not cheap and its not Dubai.

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