Xiaomi’s Smart Bedroom Lets You Control Everything Without Moving

Smart phone, smart computer, smart watch and now “Smart Bedroom Set”. It seems like technology is affecting everything!

The famous Chinese company, Xiaomi, and its crowd funding platform partner Aqara has announced a new product that is sure to drum up interest. Both the companies are collaborating on a new project – the Aqara Smart Bedroom Set.

The Smart Bedroom basically makes it possible for you to do nothing at all. In fact, it lets you control everything without leaving your current position.


You can now control other smart gadgets like your air conditioner, fans, lights and more in your room by just lying over your smart bed.

This all new smart bedroom bundle includes an automatic air conditioning system switch, an instrument that helps you turn your lights on and off by lying in your bed, temperature and humidity sensor, body sensor, smart wall sockets and switches.

The temperature and humidity sensor considers the surroundings inside the room. You can even surveil your other home gizmos by downloading an app on your phone.

As if this generation hasn’t gotten any lazier. The time is near when we would be living in the era like the most loved cartoon “George Jetson”.

Guess what this Future Bedroom Set is already up on sale in TMall and is worth around 749 Yuan, i.e aprox. $114. If you want to control your curtains, you can get it only for 999 Yuan ($145).

My verdict on it, it may be a smart bedroom but it won’t let you stay smart. You’ll be a couch potato in no time.