Major European Council Says Homoeopathy is “Nonsense”

Apparently the use of homoeopathy is “nonsense” and the “promotion and use of homoeopathic products comes with a risk of significant harm.”

The statement was made by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) – an umbrella organisation representing 29 national academies in Europe, including the Royal Society in the UK.

Homoeopathy Supporters Around The World

Homoeopathy is a popular form of treatment all across the world, especially due to the lack of side effects that its medicines come with. Fans and supporters of homoeopathic and herbal medicine include celebrities such as Usain Bolt, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Aniston, Hilary Clinton, David Beckham and Cindy Crawford.

The treatment does not only gain heavy support from several celebrities but also from the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles once said regarding the treatment,

It is rooted in ancient traditions that intuitively understood the need to maintain balance and harmony with our minds, bodies and the natural world.

Others, like the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt protested against the banishment of the treatment by signing motions.

Placebo Effect

The EASAC, in its statement, demeaned homoeopathy as a scientifically implausible method that merely has a placebo effect on its patients.

The council further added the danger homoeopathic remedies may pose to its patients by depriving them of conventional medical treatment.

The body recommended that EU states set up regulations to quash what it claims are misleading advertisements by homoeopaths, remove homoeopathic treatments from public health provision, and require that homoeopathic product labels clearly identify ingredients and their amounts.

The body recommended the EU should:

  • Set up regulations to suppress misleading homoeopathic advertisements.
  • Remove all homoeopathic treatments from public health provision.
  • Impose on the homoeopaths to clearly label their products and identify the included ingredients and their amounts.

Origin of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy has its origin based on findings of a German doctor called Samuel Hahnermann.

The treatment focuses on using vastly diluted amounts of a substance in the hope of providing a cure. Its remedies are used by a vast majority of people as a cure to disorders such as anxiety and asthma.

The homoeopathy industry has gained significant popularity in the western world with an industrial value of €1 billion in the EU in 2015 and an annual growth rate of around 6 percent.

No Evidence?

However, the NHS England says there is “no good quality evidence” that homoeopathy is effective.

The plans to cut the funding for homoeopathy and other treatments including herbal remedies are at the centre of a formal public consultation aiming to save the health service at least £250m a year.

It is also said that pharmaceutical mafia is plotting to hurt homoeopathy’s reputation, which is generally considered a cheaper and safer medical option.

Via Independent

    • Also called placebo effect. As said before, not enough evidence to actually acknowledge its benefits. Maybe they should do a trial here in Pakistan lol.

  • such bullshit
    Doctors and medicine manufactures just want to increase revenue.
    If only we promoted the herbal ayurvedic medicines we never had to face the mess that doctors and these companies are making today. Such such bullshit this news is.
    Herbal treatments are far superior, the only reason why hikmat is dying because it never had a chance to be promoted.

    • Homeopathy is not herbal. Any Matric pass can become Doctor of homeopathy. Herbal on the other hand requires skill and alot of experience and research.

      • I never said homeopathy is herbal, if you read the bottom paragraph they said they are in consultation to cut off the funding of herbal treatments too..

    • How so? Treatment for kidney stones depends on its size. Most of the kidney stones are managed conservatively by drinking a lot of water and letting it pass on its own, provided the size of stone is less than 5mm.

      What will herbal remedy do in this case?

        • And you couldn’t say anything more ‘enlightening’ instead of this?

          I’m presenting you a scenario which we usually face in our OPD. Enlighten us what homeopathy will do? Speed up that stone so that it passes in, what hours or days, whereas it would normally take atleast a month for it to pass the tract.

          • okay medical science win in this situation. it is best in diagnosis and surgeries.

            now i give you a scenario. my child is celiac. do you have any treatment in medical science other than gf diet? Nope. You fail here.

            My son is recovering from celiac from a homeopathic doctor who is an MBBS as well… we can not compare different method of treatment. All have restrictions. We need to benefit from all.

            • Shifa milygi jahan s Allah nay likhdya h. There is no doubt in that.

              I’m not saying that Homeopathy is nothing. Advances are being made in every field of medicine and one day there will be a treatment for diseases that are just incurable for now.

              However, as in your case for your son, if homeopathy is helping then it is well and good and fortunate for you. No argument here brother.

        • Yep. Not a miracle but a fact. Even litho will break a big calculus into small pieces so that they pass on their own.

          • I was having kidney stone and did ultrasound scan and i went straight to homeo doctor. After using the medicine and doing the ultrasound again, there was no more any stone.

            • For how long did you use the medicine? And ultrasound cannot localise stones in EVERY part of your tract. High possibility it moved ahead and could be found in latter parts of your urinary tract.

              Homeopathy works the same way as conventional treatment i.e reducing pain and relieving spasms. It cannot magically dissolve the stone.

                • Then I can confidently say that homeopathy had nothing to do with your kidney stones apart from alleviating pain and spasms.

                  A month is enough time for a stone measuring 5mm or less to pass on its own. Homeopathy did nothing in this regard. The subsequent ultrasound scan failed to show any stone because it had passed out from your body.

                  Had you gone to a conventional doctor, he would have prescribed painkillers and antispasmodics and told you to drink a lot of water and nothing else much. Given this much time, same result would be achieved.

                  • Lol, so why didn’t the stones kept building up instead of dissolving before i started using homeo medicine.

                    • There are a variety of different factors pertaining to calculus formation.

                      And no, stone doesn’t keep ‘building up’ as you have said in a night. This process takes time and if you increase your fluid intake, that can ‘push’ the stone so essentially no buildup. That homeo medicine was nothing more than a painkiller and it cant dissolve the stone per se. A common misconception.

                      On the other hand, if kidney stone recurs, that should point the physician to inborn metabolism errors in your body.

                      As I have said before, if you would have to a GP, the outcome would be the same and stone would have been excreted in a month’s time more or less.

                      Or Bhai jan, jo stone bana tha wo ek do teen chaar dinon me ni bana. It takes time, and after this time the ultrasound scan can tell you how much bigger it is. If it’s small then treatment is as mentioned above. If it is big so that it obstructs the flow of urine etc, it will need to be broken down using litho or even open surgery depending on location.

                    • hamain maaf kar dain bhai jan. hazaron lakhon kidney stone patients homeo medicine say sehatyab ho chuky hain. aap many ya na many. mera stone homeo medicine sy he khatam hua.

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