Govt Fails to Contain the Vegetable Shortage

Ministry of Commerce, Food and Security could not deal with the crisis of tomatoes and onions successfully as prices of these two commodities have almost doubled in the federal capital and other cities of the country, going beyond the reach of the common man.

According to sources, incompetency of above mentioned ministries has created this crisis.

Sources added that onion has been exported without keeping in view the demand of the country. Onion crops have also declined 30 to 40 percent since last year. Adding to this problem is the shortage of tomatoes due to the tomato season ending in Quetta and Kabul. Sources further added that tomatoes, which were being imported from Kabul, are insufficient to meet the demands of the country.

Tomatoes from Badin and Thatta in Sindh will be ready in the coming month, sources added. They were of the view that to overcome this situation the government should continue its self made import of tomatoes through Land Freight Unit Wagha due to the rising demand of tomatoes in the local market of Pakistan.

On the other side production of tomatoes has been reduced to a great extent.

The price of tomatoes has been increased, owing to the decline in production by the landowners. It is vital to mention here that tomatoes and onions worth of Rs. 28.81 billion have been imported from India. A strategy has been devised to save the expensive foreign exchange.

It has been told that to meet the demands, the government is brining tomatoes and onions from Balochistan, Sindh and other parts of the country.

  • ان بیغیرت اور بیوقوفوں پر لعنت بھیجیں جن کے پاس کئی کئی ایکڑ اراضی کی زمینیں بیکار پڑی ہیں مگر وہ ان سے اتنا نہیں ہو سکتا کہ اس میں سبزیاں کاشت کریں.
    بس ان کو کسی طرح بیچنے کی کوشش کرتے ہیں.
    ہماری جاہل عوام تب تک خواب غفلت سے نہیں جاگتی جب تک ان کی پٹائی شروع نہیں ہو جاتی ہے.
    پھر یہ قوم روتی ہے کہ ہائے ہم پر اللہ کا عذاب آیا ہے، ارے ظالموں یہ اللہ کا عذاب نہیں بلکہ تمہاری بیوقوفیوں کا نتیجہ ہے.

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