Obama Foundation Fellowship Offers a Once in a Lifetime Chance for Change Makers

With an aim to work towards global progress, Obama Foundation was established in 2014.

The Obama Foundation Fellowship Program seeks to gather civic innovators with an aim to solve public challenges in creative ways. This leadership development program will develop aspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of whether they’re working independently or with government organizations.

Only those individuals who’ve already contributed, in one way or the other, towards solving public challenges can be a part of this program.

Who Can Apply?

Discipline-diverse individuals – entrepreneurs, journalists, artists, inventors, organizers etc. – working towards the greater cause of solving pressing challenges faced by the public; people who have already gained recognition for their services and are looking to enhance their efforts to a much bigger audience, will be preferred for the fellowship.

Those inspirational individuals who’re willing to contribute to shared goals and who’re lacking the connections and the resources to signify the impact of their work, are encouraged to apply for the Program. The Fellowship is for individuals and not for groups.

In addition, the fellows must:

  • Be proficient in English
  • Be 18 or above
  • Cover the visa cost (the Foundation will offer support for obtaining visa)
  • Have contributed towards the problems faced by their communities

About the Fellowship

Obama Foundation is currently looking for 20 Fellows from all walks of life around the globe for the inaugural class. The fellows will be allowed to leverage the Foundation’s resources to advance their efforts to serve the public on a larger scale than they’re currently pursuing.

The Program is a full-time, on-going commitment, where you will be required to take training courses, skill-building activities, mentoring and coaching sessions, and interact with leaders from around the globe while working towards a common goal.

The fellows do not need to move anywhere in order to take part in the Program, however, there will be four sessions around the globe where your presence is compulsory (the accommodation, meals, and airfare will be covered by the Foundation).

There will be a plethora of opportunities to groom your skills and leadership abilities through mentoring and public-speaking engagements along with a few hours every month for the Program’s activities. The fellows will also be expected to contribute towards refining the program for the future leaders and fellows.

There will be no stipend for the Fellowship Program.


Application closes: Friday, October 6th @ 4:00 am CT
Applicants notified: February 2018
First Fellowship Gathering: April 2018

How to Apply?

You can fill the online application form here.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

It’s a comprehensive application, so make sure you fill it properly and completely. Incomplete or late applications will not be entertained.

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