Public on Fire After Govt Removes Khatam-e-Nabuwat Clause in Elections Bill

In a development that was missed by most political pundits and observers of the Pakistani political landscape alike, after the passage of the Elections Bill 2017 today, it has come to light that an important piece of the Pakistani constitution has been removed as well.

In the above tweet, Khatam-e-Nabuwat refers to the part of the oath that public representatives (such as the Prime Minister) are supposed to take that invoke the finality of the Holy Prophet as the last Messenger of God. It is a tenet of Islamic faith that is also enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. Until now that is.

Reportedly, the recent Elections Bill 2017 was formulated by the ruling party PML-N in order to give ex-PM Nawaz Sharif a chance to be re-elected as the party’s Chairman again, after his disqualification a few months back by the Supreme Court over corruption charges.

After the passage of the Bill in parliament and Senate, the way has been cleared for ex-PM Nawaz to once again call the shots as party Chairman. And now after the full text of the Election Bill 2017 has become publicly available, many Pakistanis over social media are infuriated and angered over the exclusion of the Khatam-e-Nabuwat part from the nomination papers of politicians.

Thousands of people are tweeting against the amendment and it has already become one of the top trends on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some of the reactions from Pakistani social media users over the bill:

Public now wants to come out on the roads following the amendment.

People are just too angry…

        • yeah ask people to Google it so they land on Ahmedi propaganda website. Ahmediat is SEO religion drawing authenticity from Google search lol.

            • Its your SEO based religion which falls on its feet if we just call ya all non-Muslims. Even Google knows Ahmedis/Qadiyanis are fake. So you never got page rank 1 :). So we dont worry about Google.
              janab, in Arab world, there are no i’raab i.e. zer zabar pesh. So stop using that manipulation to make your claims. Just answer my question, is Mirza Qadiyani mentioned anywhere in Qur’an? NO. So, embrace Islam now. But you wont stick with your own logic now. Hahahah such a fake SEO baesd religion you’ve got.
              Let me plug more of the holes. When someone dies, we conduct his khatam right? What does that tell you? Its khatam. All done. No more. zilch.
              When Allah clearly says in Qur’an that The Deen was completed on us (the humans), why would He still need yet another prophet or any variant thereof? After sending His Best prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, why would Allah need to send anyone after him after all? Best prophet is The Best. Period. If any prophet or variant thereof is needed after The Best prophet, the concept loses sense.
              Had there been any prophet after Muhammad peace be upon him, Allah would have named him unequivocally instead of paving way for any liars. Allah called Qur’an mubeen. Its clear, precise, wholesome and unambiguous.
              Kazzabs are not a new phenomenon. They started to appear soon after Muhammad’s departure from his world – peace be upon him. Lanatullah e alal kazibeen.

              • First thing is that you spent so much time in order to convince me about khatam done on someone’s death as khatam in arabic. I think you need to read arabic dictionary. secondly I dont believe in bidat like khatam done on someone’s death. What I am talking about khatam in quran and arabic means seal. Seal does not means last. You are lying and you should look again at this phrase of calling other as liar. Lanat ullah ilal Kazibeen.لعنت اللہ الا لکازبین

                • Who is trying to convince you? I just refuse to Google Ahmedi propaganda. I used a well known local example of khatam to shut you up. Leave it unto Muslims to decide whether its bid’at or not. You need to embrace Islam first, before indulging in that discussion.

                  Urdu is not an intrinsic language. It has words from all the languages. The same word cant mean two different things. Stop insulting our intellect by saying that khatam means different in Arabic. If so, what is source of urdu word “khatam”?

                  Now that you have brought your sinister propaganda out in the open, lets address it. When a box is sealed, what does that mean? A sealed ballot box means no votes can enter or leave that box. That means permanently closed. When Muhammad peace be upon him is sealing the door of prophethood, what does it tell you? Permanently closed. No more prophets. Period. Now, what does common sense tell me about Muhammad peace be upon him? He is The Absolute Last prophet – peace be upon him – of Allah.

                  Lets now consider the use of an ordinary stamp in worldly matters. In courts, when seal of a judge is put on a decision, absolutely nothing – not even a full stop – can be changed in that document. The document cant even be copied. For copy of the document, copying branch of the court is approached after getting permission from same judge.

                  After putting his seal on a decision, the same judge cant change/enhance/reverse it. The decision has to be taken to a superior court under an appeal or revision or review petition. When Supreme Court puts its seal on a decision, it is never changed because there is no court above the Supreme Court. It becomes case law, and it is followed as much as constitutional law of the country.

                  Allah is the highest authority in universe. He permanently sealed the door of prophethood by sending his beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. His decision is supreme and cant be challenged anywhere. I pity you.
                  The correct Arabic sentence is, La’natullah e alal kazibeen. However, you copied and pasted incorrect sentence with typing mistake. Proves you know nothing about Arabic – as ignorant as that Mirza wa.

        • I know how to google or read tafseer. I asked your opinion. How it is different or Why you think it is different

            • Everyone knows different languages have different meanings. But Urdu is not a language itself, it is mixture of many languages including Arabic. BTW why you are hesitating to give your point of view.

                • You are right that khatam have different meanings in Arabic. The “khatam” you are referring to in tasbeeh pics is used in meaning of ring but definitely Quran didn’t use it in this meaning. Khatam also means seal as you mentioned earlier and seal means closed which means the religion that started from Hazrat Adam A.S. is now completed and sealed and there is no need of modification, removal or addition. In short there is no need of any Prophet after this.

                  • Okay. If from your translation seal means last then how Iman Mehdi going to come? As everything is sealed according to you? There can be no imam mehdi or Messiah

                    • Who told you that Imam Mehdi is prophet or Messiah? Imam mehdi is neither a prophet nor Messiah. Hazrat Issa A.S is Messiah and according to Quran:
                      “And (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment):
                      therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me: this is a
                      Straight Way. 43:61”
                      According to Hadith Imam Mehdi will gather Muslims and lead them in war against Dajjal and Hazrat Issa A.S will descend in Damascus in a mosque wearing saffron dress at time of Fajar prayer and will assist Imam Mehdi in this war and kill dajjal.

              • You got him by the reins and so hes beating around the bush.

                Jeez, the ‘hidden’ propagandists like him who show their true self when situations like this arise.

            • How do you write Abdul in Urdu, and in Arabic? sheeshhh. You write it the SAME way because the word means the same.

              • yar ye liberal fascist (shahid saleem) aur atheist fascist support karte hai qadiyani doggis ko, in ke moo lag ke time nai zaya karo.

                  • Shahid Saleem toh tera asli naam be nai hai beta phir kiyon itni takleeh hori hai tujhe. U criticize others all the time lakin ab tum pe criticism hua to takleef hori hai aur dosron ko bad dua dere ho, what a shame. This is the reality of these libtards who can’t handle criticism but love to criticize others, hypocrisy at its peak, bloody fiction writer. In reality u r worse than a qadiyani. u r brainwashing young generation with ur third class manipulation skill.

                    • I wasn’t criticised, I was lied about. Learn the difference.

                      For your kind information, you have never met me. So, yet again, you are another liar.

                      When you learn to criticise without lies, look me up.

              • @disqus_xbDJPJGA90:disqus

                Ok dear, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is not in Quran, so you don’t believe in him… right?

                Fine! But will Jesus & Imam Mehdi come in end times as per Quran?? How will you identify these two??

                P.S: Yes, I am an Ahmadi, so expect an argument based on facts, references & logic instead of use of abusive language. Thank you!

                • really? u spoke of logic? do u have any? ok dear. Those qadiyani u support do u know there name is there is panama papers who committed fraud. watch this video on utube, dunya mein sab se bara charity fraud qadiyani ke khalifa ne kia! is pe koi baat nai karta.


                  • @disqus_EdQYi3Mkc4:disqus & Waqar:

                    My replies are not being approved by moderators, so I rest my case here. This is the level of your tolerance. Prayers & best wishes for you two guys from my side!

                • Mr AbdulB1, an Ahmedi, made a claim without disclosing his identity. I used his own logic to beat him. I have reduced him to posting images like a classic troll. He is now a prisoner of his own antics.
                  There is no prophet after Muhammad peace be upon him. Dont you feel insulted by poor performance of your predecessor, sire! ? Havent I said enough already? Please look for answers to your questions over the internet.
                  When Jesus & Imam Mehdi come to us, please talk to me about them only at that time. You need to worry about finality of prophethood of Muhammad peace be upon him, before everything else at all. Ever pondered what would you do on the day of judgement if you are wrong? You shall never ever be forgiven.
                  If I (a real Muhammadi Muslim) am wrong on the day of judgement, I will complete my punishment and enter Jannah eventually. I am ready to do that for I love Muhammad peace be upon him the most. Allah is One. His last book is one i.e. Quran. His last prophet of Islam can only be one and that can only be Muhammad peace be upon him because Allah named him clearly in Qur’an. Allah would not confuse me by hiding anything in Qur’an or leaving me to guess work. Thats why Allah is my God and I am proud of it.

        • Correct. Mirza Qadiyani is not in Qur’an. So we reject him vehemently just like everyone else does. Use your own logic and embrace Islam. Stop being a non-Muslim.

            • Answer my question please. With your tail between your legs, you are trying to run away once more. Mirza Qadiyani is not in Qur’an. So we reject him vehemently just like everyone else does. Why dont you? Do you still not see the pathetically weak state of affairs of your misguided belief? Just one question, and your impostor religion falls flat on earth.

              • qadiyani aur shia dono diff religion hai bhi dono ka ISLAM se koi lena dena nai. Shia roz biddat aur shirk karte hain un ko koi kuch nai kehta. Jo behavior logon ka qadiyani doggis ke sath hai usse be bura behavior shia doggis ke sath hona chiye. ziada farq nahi hain dono main.

    • 1- This isn’t removed.
      2- Government can’t remove it, Parliament can. Headline shows lack of knowledge of writer and ProPakistani staff/Aamir Atta that it is parliament which can amend election laws NOT government. But I strongly believe these guys have affiliation with PTI and let no chance go against the government of PMLN without even verifying the authenticity.

      Now name of Prophet (PBUH) will be used for dirty politics to get votes ? ProPakistani happily has become part of it for its obvious affiliation/love/ for PTI.

  • Pyare AQA (Alyeh Salam) Akhri Nabi hai : Jo Na Many Wo Hamari Nazar Main Kaafir hai :

    Kaha Gaya PEMRA, Court, MEDIA, PTA, ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCES, Etc Ye Sub Khamosh Q Hai Is APPROVAL Par :
    Ab to Pakistan Main Lagta hai JIHAD Fraz Ho Gaya hai :
    Aj Afsos Ho Raha Hai K ISLAMIC REPUBLIC Of Pakistan Ka Citizen Ho Main :
    Ye Sub Jahil Log Ne Jinho Ne Bill Paish Kiya Jinho Ne Pass Kiya Aur President of Pakistan Jis Ne Approve Kiya :
    Ab Her Ghar Se Mumtaz Nikle Ga :

        • Adaltain kon hoti hai kisi ki ahliyat aur na ahli ka faisala krne wali? aur is mein islam ko challenge krne wali kiya baat hai? Agar islamic country chahiye to banao na islamic country? dusron peer ungli uthayi jati hai yahan aur khud ko islam ki alif bay nhi pta.

    • Sab ney bariyan ley li hain ..Ab PTI should get a chance, if anyone feels they are also corrupt then worry not! because N League have taken everything from the Khazana there is nothing left to steal from Pakistan so pls give PTI a chance

  • General BAJWA Ne : Special Commander Meeting Bulai (Ta K Is Approval K Bad Log Hangaman Na Kar Sake)
    Afsos BAJWA Sahab : Aj ARMY Bhi Khamosh Rahi : RIP Approval

    • Move elsewhere. This state was created on the basis of religion, and religion will forever take precedence over everything else.

      • These liberal fascist doesn’t reflect the views of all Pakistanis dear. These liberal fascist are small minority and they don’t have much spine. In real life they hide like a little coward and loser.

    • Anyone here who can help me find a working example of so called Islamic system……. even the era of four caliphs didn’t lasted long. Two working examples are of Iran & Taliban but not workable in Pakistan as we have many sects and multi-sect Ulemas would not agree to anything.
      Only one choice is left……. become secular….. let everyone live here in peace… pray as you like…. make laws after mutual agreement not by consulting the so called ulemas who once say the loud speaker is forbidden in Islam then later become most anxious user of it.

      Then why not go for social science…. as do west.

      • illegal Israel is created in the name of Judaism. Amazing that these liberal and atheist fascist doesn’t criticize illegal Israel.

      • Pakistan Was a Liberal country but America catch liberalism from Pakistan and Starts Afghan War. after that Pakistan is claimed as a terrorist country by the world.

    • Sarey liberal fascist eik hogaye aur khul ke samne agye. I request pious ISI to note the names of all these radical liberal hardcore terrorist and keep an eye on them.

    • yes u r right. They have deleted my comments in the past as well. If u say something against liberals, then they will del that comment.

      • First check the deflation then i will debate on it. if you will still insist on it then don’t worry we both have sisters.

    • this post is full of mis-information. I am not an Ahmadi and have no inclination to be one but as a muslim, it is my duty to verify facts before presenting it on a public forum.

      1. The official HQ of Ahmadis is not in Tel Aviv, it used to be in Qadyan, then Rabwah (which was established for this very purpose) and now in London.

      2. Being a Murtad and being Ahmadi are quite different things, legally.

      3. Sir Zafrulla was invited by the guardians of Harmain Shareefain in 1969 to offer Hajj, which he accepted, how can their entry be banned in 1967?

      4-5-6-7. This movement was engineered by certain elements with political ambitions and they were successful in politicizing a religious matter. As a result, for the first time in the history of the world, a state declared itself as the arbiter of a religion, deciding who is and who is not a Muslim.

      May Allah give you the patience to look up facts before posting on forums.

  • How is that even possible for an Islamic state to remove the core concept of being a Muslim? Seriously?
    Dusro ko moo utha k yahoodi bol dena bohat asaan hy Mr. EX PM (disqualified loser)..!!!

  • People advocating about this should check oaths of other Islamic countries as well. No one uses khatm-e-nabuwat in their oath including Saudi Arabia.

    You can check their complete oath here and seriously Pakistani law should have amendments at very large because this law is being miss used by many in the name of religion.

    • Wanna know why? Dats because no other country has imposter Muslims like we do.
      An my dear, Saudi government is composed of aal-e-saud. They are all Muslims (no brainer) and only have to declare allegiance to the king. What oath?
      Perhaps you should be the first one to run fact checks.

  • Shame on u admin. Have you even tried yourself to read the reforms bill which was passed by the national assembly?

  • If we are to progress, we will have to be a secular state. All of the “Islamism” we have is practically symbolic anyway. Believing in khatam e nabuwwat has nothing to do with running the country or political party, get over it.

      • The problem is this isn’t “one’s” religious affairs. These are affairs of the state which represents all Pakistanis irrespective of their religious beliefs.

    • Slow claps …

      You are beginning to show your true colours. Nothing against you though, I just remembered I asked you a long time ago whether you believe in Allah or not now but silence prevailed.

      Homosexuals, just remembered you defended them too, right? ^^

      Become a secular state and see chaos ravage our streets. Metaphorically speaking. Ofcourse you ll be comfortable in that environment though.

      • No need to write so many words for such people any more. Just ask him to bring secular Donald Trump and Modi ji and he will wet his pants with a secular plug shoved up his a-hole :)
        Secularism is a fantasy of wet dreams of an inbred pervert. It is as real as water powered car of Agha Waqar.

      • I am sorry but isn’t that what’s happening in Islamic states more than in secular states? The issue is we aren’t ready to take the blame on ourselves, we think we are perfect and blame yahoodi and RAW k agents for every single of our problems.

        • laughing at your statement when Indians are saying themselves that they are using TTP to attack in Pakistan and are a great asset of RAW. RAW primary goal is to destabilize Pakistan and they are accepting it openly. But you are still defending them SHAME ON YOU :(

  • پاکستان کی پارلیمنٹ سے الیکشن بل دو ہزار سترہ منظور ہو کر قانون بن چکا ہے، اس قانون نے انتخابات کے طریقہ کار، سیاسی جماعتوں کے اندر الیکشن سمیت بہت کچھ بدل دیا ہے _ مگر سب سے زیادہ موضوع بحث ترمیم عدالت سے نااہل قرار دیے گئے شخص کو پارٹی سربراہ بننے کی اجازت ہے جبکہ اس کے بعد دوسری سب سے اہم ترمیم کاغذات نامزدگی جمع کراتے وقت امیدوار کے لیے بیان حلفی ہے _

    پاکستان میں سوشل میڈیا پر سرگرم نوجوان مسلمانوں کے پیٹ میں مروڑ اٹھ رہے ہیں اور بہت سے لوگ حکومت پر قادیانیوں کو خوش کرنے کا بھی الزام لگا رہے ہیں، اس آگ کو راولپنڈی کے شیطان کے نام سے مشہور شیخ رشید نے پارلیمنٹ میں کی گئی تقریر کے ذریعے ہوا دینے کی کوشش کی _ دوسری جانب اصل حقیقت کیا ہے اس کے لیے کوئی مسلمان اور خاص طور پر سوشل میڈیا کا جہادی نئے قانون کے اٹھاسی صفحات پڑھنے کا تردد نہیں کرتا _ پاکستان 24 کے پاس دستیاب نئے قانون کی دستاویز کے مطابق امیدوار کے لیے کاغذات نامزدگی کے ساتھ فارم کے بیان حلفی میں ترمیم نہیں کی گئی، اور امیدوار کے لیے ختم نبوت پر ایمان کا بیان حلفی دینا ضروری ہے، پاکستان 24 ڈاٹ ٹی وی قانون کے صفحہ نمبر اناسی پر موجود یہ فارم اپنے قارئین کے لیے پیش کر رہا ہے، باقی اس کا ترجمہ کوئی بھی سوشل میڈیائی جہادی اپنی مرضی کے مطابق کر سکتا ہے_

    الیکشن کمیشن ترمیمی بل 2017 کے صفحہ نمبر 79 میں امیدوار کے اقرار نامہ (Declaration) میں شق نمبر 3 میں ختمِ نبوت کے حوالے سے شرط واضح الفاظ میں درج ہے :

    I believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophet-hood of
    Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him),the last of the Prophets and that I am not
    the follower of anyone who claims to be a prophet in any sense of the word
    or of any description whatsoever after Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon
    Him), and that I do not recognize such a claimant to be prophet or a religious
    reformer, nor do I belong to the Qadiani group or the Lahori group or call
    myself an Ahmadi.
    [Note: This paragraph is for Muslim candidates only and is not applicable to
    non-Muslim candidates.]

    “میں حضرت محمد کی حتمی کامیلت پر ایمان رکھتا ہوں، میں گواہی دیتا ہوں کہ حضرت محمد اللہ تعالیٰ کے تمام انبیاؑء میں سے آخری نبی ہیں، میں اقرار کرتا ہوں کہ آپ کے بعد کوئی نبی نہیں آئے گا، میں کسی بھی ایسے شخص کا پیروکار نہیں ہوں، نہ ہی میں قادیانی یا لاہوری گروپ سے تعلق رکھتا ہوں، نہ ہی خود کو احمدی کہلاتا ہوں۔

    (نوٹ: یہ پیراگراف صرف مسلمان امیدواروں کیلئے ہے،غیر مسلم امیدواروں پر لاگو نہیں)” _

    Source: pakistan24 .tv

  • it is still there in current bill. all the news and media reporting one thing and propk reporting something else. strange.

  • This animal Nawaz Shareef is hmself a Qadiani it seems. In his first government he changed the weekly holiday from Jumma to Sunday like a Kaafir, wasting the prayers of hundreds of millions of people, and now this act.
    It is also to be noted that whenever he comes to power Qadiani companies like Shezan and Ahmed flourish. Why has no one investigated this janwar for basic Islamic compliance?
    Do not every ONE of his actions proves what I am saying?

  • In my view every Pakistani weather he or she is Muslim or a Non Muslim should have the full right to be elected without any bias. Look at the Mayor of London. He is a Muslim but Europe never discriminated against him. We should learn from Europe in this regard.

    The future is to spread tolerance around the world and in our country. We cannot discriminate against anyone based on religious believes. Societies based on Equal Opportunity can only progress.
    My request to fellow Pakistanis is that kindly be tolerant. Accept the modern world. The world is changing. There is no place for discrimination in this world anymore. Kindly learn from the developed world and move on.

    • What a defeated and enslaved mentality you are harboring. O janab we were a British colony not very long ago. We got rid of them. Stop lecturing us to learn from Europe. They should deal with their racism before being models for anyone else at all.
      And cmon. Are you just a simpleton? Forgot the smear campaign that is haunting London mayor to date? The Europe you so much fantasize about, is an insane mix of nationalists and racists.
      No place for discrimination in modern world? Oh really? Are you serious? The worst racist and bigot is nowadays president of US just because of the modern world of your wet dreams. Go figure.

      We will stop barring Ahmedis once they stop calling themselves Muslims. Learn to live with that reality.

    • These are the people who will be happy when Just Trudeau celebrates Eid with Muslims but will feel angry when Nawaz Sharif celebrates holi with Hindus.

      • Celebrating EID is legitimate bcoz ISLAM is legitimate religion created by ALLAH. Hindu religion is illegal and illegitimate and created by satan, so celebrating holi also becomes illegitimate but its hard for libtards to grasp this reality.

  • Analysis: This would be, perhaps, the last nail in NS’s coffin, InshaALLAH.
    PS: The likes of Qadianis (Zindeeq) advocating for this act under the garb of “tolerance”, “patience” or “equality” would be humiliated ever.

  • How can ProPakistani post such things without getting into the bottom of the news. No such clause has been removed in the Election Bill 2017 and without verification you have posted a planted fake news. The credibility of ProPakistani is going down and will hit rock bottom if such articles are posted in future.

    • The emphasis of the post is what is being reported and what are the reactions of people to the news; the news which has been reported by all media channels. We have sorted out the confusion and preparing another post regarding this matter to clarify the situation.

  • Oh boy!!!! Lord have mercy on Interweb servers of the GLOBE. #4ThMostIntelligent nation is gonna have a cyber meltdown of EPIC proportions in coming days……..

    • Yahoodi to bohat akalmand hai, in logon ke karname ap ko nai pata kia? TORAH ka matlab change kia yahoodiyon ne that too intentionally on purpose. So many libtards here which means that this oxford university press disinformation, british monarch gameplan is working but only weak minded sheep believes this anyway. British monarch is the biggest mass murderer in history anyway, they also distort facts and history and these libtards believes them, such a pity.

  • constitutuions and govt and law should be separte from Religion and as everyone is already a pious practicing muslim therefore to each his own everyone shd stick to their beliefs as far as law is concerned it shd be reason and religion free based on the evolvement of man kind and society of any particular demography.

  • *constitionons and govt and law should be separte from Religion and as everyone is already a pious practicing muslim in every muslim country be it pak malaysia ksa therefore everyone shd stick to their beliefs strongly as individuals as muslims as far as law is concerned it shd be reason and religion free based on the evolvement of man kind and society of any particular demography.

  • جب ایمل کانسی کو نواز شریف لعنت اللہ علیہ نے امریکہ کے حوالے کیا تو امریکی نے کہا تھا کہ پاکستانی 10/100 یا ڈالروں کے لیے اپنی ماں کو بھی بیچ دیتے ہیں۔
    دراصل یہ اشارہ ان لوگوں کی طرف جو ایک قیمے والے نان کی خاطر ووٹ بیچ دیتے ہیں، اور ان مولویوں کی طرف بھی تھا جو ہر فاسق و فاجر کیساتھ بیٹھے ہوتے ہیں اور ان سیاستدانون کی طرف بھی تھا جو مال و دولت کے لیے اپنی بیٹیوں کو شوپیس بناکر عوام میں نچاتے پھیرتے ہیں اور ان جرنیلوں کی طرف بھی تھا جو قومی غیرت کا مظاہرہ کرنے کی بجائے امریکی اشاروں پر ناچتے ہیں۔

  • After watching people criticizing government over ____.I thought i myself should read the amendment.Anyone here can rational explain me whats problem in that.

  • >