Geo News Fined Rs. 1 Million by PEMRA [Video]

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has fined Geo News for airing insulting remarks against the Pak Army. The fine imposed is Rs. 1 million.

Apparently, the channel has also wrongly accused the Pak Army of ‘institutional corruption’.

A statement from the authority reveals that the Councils of Complaints (CoCs) of Karachi and Lahore recommended PEMRA to impose a fine of Rs. 1 Million on Geo News. The council said that a TV program called “Aapas ki Baat” had been repeatedly commenting against the armed forces. The comments had also implied that the armed forces are committing “institutional corruption”.

The TV show in question aired on January 9th, 17th,24th and 25th.

According to PEMRA and the CoCs, they had received numerous complaints against the TV programme.

Press Release Document

The 134th Authority Meeting of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) held on Tuesday at PEMRA headquarters to discuss various agenda items.

In the meeting, the Authority approved Councils of Complaints (CoCs) Karachi and Lahore’s recommendations of a fine of Rs1 million on Geo News for airing comments on Armed Forces of “institutional corruption” in TV programme “Aapas ki Baat” dated 09-01-2017, 17-01-2017, 24-01-2017 and 25-01-2017. PEMRA had received a large number of complaints against the said programmes.

The Authority on the recommendations of the Personal Hearing Committee also suspended for 7 days landing rights permission to the private TV channel “Starlite” for airing obscene and vulgar content on 13-06-2017.

The Authority was also apprised about updated tax status in respect of M/s Independent Newspaper Corporation Pvt and after examining the record, it decided to award the F.M Radio licenses to the Company.

A proposal of Re.1 increase in Cable TV subscription fee for each subscriber per month was also approved in the Authority meeting.

The 134th Authority meeting was attended by Member Sindh, Mr Sarfaraz Khan Jatoi, Member Punjab, Ms Nargis Nasir, Member K.P, Ms Shaheen Habibullah, Federal Interior Secretary Mr Arshad Mirza, Federal Information Secretary Ahmed Nawaz Khan Sukhera, Chairman FBR, Mr Tariq Mehmood Pasha and Chairman PTA, DR. Ismail Shah. PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam presided over the Authority meeting.

The shows mentioned above can be seen below:

  • GEO is following foreign agenda…thats why its called “JEW” TV. It should be banned.

  • The only criteria between a good and a bad tv channel should be a the be the news that spreads hope , not the depression ! called any tv channel or any person as “yahoodi agent” is so stupid, We should refine our judgment standards

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