Lahore Police Launch Citywide Crackdown on Illegal Number Plates

In a meeting chaired by CCPO Lahore, Capt(R) Ameen Wains – attended by DIG Ali Amir, SSP Akbar Nasir Khan, CTO Lahore Rai Ijaz and other senior officials – it was declared that the Lahore City Traffic Police has decided to take charge against phoney, fancy and inauthentic and non-present number plates.

Police will take strict action against the makers of fancy number plates. The CCPO said that such measures are needed to secure the country.

An awareness campaign regarding this drill will be launched to inform the citizens. The campaign will be collaboration between City Traffic Police and Excise teams.

On the occasion, CCPO Lahore said that these stern measures against skeptical vehicles or ones without authentic documentation will be tackled to purge the provincial capital of terrorism.

10 teams from Excise, City Traffic Police and District Police have been formed, no mercy will be shown towards any opposition to this drill.

CTO Rai Ijaz ensured that the City Traffic Police will take every possible step to assist the citizens. An awareness week will be held, in schools and colleges, bus stations, and other stands, regarding the unusual number plates. Traffic lectures will also be conducted. Social, print and electronic media would also come in handy when creating public awareness.

Rai Ijaz directed the public to obtain number plates only from the Excise Department, as strict measures would be taken against the makers of fancy number plates. Failure to comply by the rules will not be tolerated, he added.

Let’s hope this drill turns out to be successful, and is also conducted in other cities of this country.

  • Sindh Police Already issue notice that ” Rangeen, invisible, Design Etc Number Plate ” will not be acceptable , & Number Plate Front & Back SIDE Must be Required before 06-Oct-2017, otherwise ready to face penalty etc.

  • So stupid that we still live in dark ages. Plates should be only issued by motor registration department with a common design for the whole province. With a sticker on the plate police will immediately know if the taxes were paid.

    • This particular news isn’t old as previously, no crackdown was official, and it wasn’t certainly on a large scale. But this time, they’ve basically launched a “full force campaign” against such plates.

      I have no worried because to me, computerized plates look much much better than any other custom made ones.

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