Super Store Sealed in Islamabad for Selling Haram Meat

A super store was found selling haram meat in Islamabad. The store was run by a Chinese citizen and was sealed on Tuesday. However, the store was unsealed the very next day.

Assistant Commissioner City Police, Saad bin Asad, raided the store in response to a complaint filed by a customer. He discovered several packets of pork at the store.

Did Not Have a Permit

The store owner was ordered to produce the necessary legal documentation or permits for selling the meat. He was then charged guilty as he did not have of the required documents.

He was fined Rs. 30,000 and all of the meat was confiscated by the police. The Assistant Commissioner then sealed off the store, pending legal action, and summoned the store owner to his office.

Around 10-12 KG of Pork Confiscated

The commissioner said that around 20-25 half kg packages of pork were confiscated from the store.

The Halal Food Act deems trading or selling of haram meat illegal in the country, said the Assistant Commissioner. Foreigners, however, are allowed to buy or sell the meat only if they have a legal permit to do so.

As mentioned earlier the Chinese store owner did not have the necessary documents, hence the store was sealed.

Store Unsealed

The store owner later pledged that the would comply with the rules and regulations and his store was unsealed on Wednesday. He is currently under observation for two weeks, said the Assistant Commissioner.

Source: Dawn

  • Hahahahaha picture to abh Baqqq hai dear country fallows . Just this entional stage so better line departments and agency’s clear all th matters for chines etc coz now they will be here a second citizen of the Islamic republic of Pakistan.other wise this not SIM cards to reverify.

  • Ye tau bechara bta kar sale kar raha hoga na phir bhi.. Lahore mae tau bakray ka bol kar Gadha khila rahay hain.. :) lol… So I still salute that chinese citizen for not using “Rishwat’ and paid the fine charges instead !

  • Pork is haraam for what reason?
    Science hasn’t proved anything wrong with it.
    All great scientists have been using it without complaining any harmful affects in it.
    Religions are beyond common sense.

    • pig is the most indecent living in animal kingdom, that’s why it’s not allowed for Muslim to consume it.

    • Salman Did you know Pork is the least healthy source of nutrition and a biggest source of disease carrying germs among all the other herbivores livestock animals :) :)
      now be a good little boy and go google it :P
      and to validate your comment by saying “All great scientists eat pork” that was such a childish line lol again just like always i laugh at your mentality level boy thats not how you prove ur point
      Go ask an American doctors Should i eat beef mutton or pork and you will get loud and clear answer as “Pork carries a swarm of diseases and is unhealthy its better to avoid it when there are alternatives”

      • Well said (y) ….but do you think he got your point? he has extremely anti-Islam mentality……. aap chahe jitna samjha len, iske dimagh me jo zeher bhara he wo bhara hi rahy ga

      • Oh boy! FYI I have already obtained enough information on this topic not just from Google but from every authentic source.
        What just proved to me from all is that it is only religions that are against this innocent animal.
        When I tried to find the reasons for which religions despise pigs I failed to get any satisfactory and common sense based arguments to justify their position.
        If you believe that pig is the filthiest and unhealthy animal just because it devours almost everything, then what if you rear it on a clean farm and take care of it every possible way, just like milkmen do at their dairy farms.
        Don’t forget almost all germs are killed when you cook food on a high temperature.
        And last but not least ;
        Excess of everything is bad.
        Always follow the moderate way in your life.

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