PMDC Warns Students & Colleges About Unrecognized Postgraduate Programs

PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) warns institutions to stop providing unrecognized postgraduate programs to students, according to council officials.

The official claims that several medical and dental colleges are offering and awarding postgraduate courses despite the fact that they have not been directed to.

PMDC insists doctors that if they do opt for admission in a postgraduate medical and dental program, then they are to ensure that the postgraduate (medical and dental) programs, diploma or courses offered by the institution are verified and included in the III schedule of PMDC.

The official added that students should confirm that the institutions and courses are recognized as unrecognized degrees or unrecognized institutions would not be entertained by PMDC.

Letters by PMDC have already been sent out to all the medical and dental degree awarding institutions as per the council’s orders. Doctors are strictly advised to refrain from admitting themselves in unrecognized programs.

The PMDC official also advises the students to ensure the college or course they prefer to take, should be recognized, as it is in interest of both parties; the students and the management.

He further added that all information regarding the institutes and the courses they offer are available on the council’s website, which makes fact-checking easier. In case of any misfortune regarding this matter, PMDC can no longer be taken into consideration.

The official lastly added that advertisement of an unrecognized course is a clear transgression against the law, and the head of the institution could face imprisonment from one year to five years and could be fined from Rs rupees five million to Rs 10 million.

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