VEON’s Offer for Chen One Proves to be a Smash Hit Across Pakistan

Veon, a WeChat-like platform, launched officially in Pakistan earlier this week. The launch was accompanied by a lot of fanfare and buzz in the industry.

VEON intends to offer free calls and messages for its users all over Pakistan. But it is much more than that.

VEON is basically a communications and services platform that will add support for a lot of Pakistani companies and startups in the days ahead. Users of VEON can be served lots of interesting offers and promotions from brands and companies who wish to reach out to millions of Pakistani consumers.

VEON and Chen One Partner Up

In fact, VEON’s very first promotion with internationally-renowned luxury lifestyle brand Chen One proved to be a runaway success when it went live in Pakistan soon after its launch.

With the help of VEON’s mobile app, Pakistani consumers could avail free shopping of Rs. 3,000 across 48 stores by Chen One all over Pakistan.

And best of it, there was no minimum shopping limit. You could had to sign-in to VEON, grab your Chen One voucher and go shopping.

Crazy lines and crowds were witnessed at Chen One stores in many parts of the country. If VEON wanted to prove how popular of a services and communications platform it was hoping to be, and that too in its very early days, then it seems like they exceeded their expectations by a huge margin.

Based on the greater-than-anticipated interest in VEON and Chen One’s shopping promotion, the offer is currently exhausted and has gone offline.

So this very first offer has ended and VEON has actually thanked their users for extraordinary participation with-in first few hours of its launch in Pakistan.

More offers are expected to get back during coming day.

How to Get Your Chen One and More  Shopping Voucher

If you wish to avail similar amazing shopping vouchers, follow these simple steps:

  • Install VEON App for your preferred platform (Android or iOS)
  • Sign in
  • Go to Channels
  • Go to Chen One or any of your favorite outlet Channel
  • Avail the discount available there or grab the vouchers displayed.
  • These offers will keep coming, so keep a close eye on your favorite channels.

So fellow Pakistanis. Will you be taking advantage of Such offers? Let us know in the comments below!

  • the offer was a flop, a big company like Veon changed the valid thru date at last minute. Chen one stores deceive people by closing the door and claiming that offer ended at 6 in the evening.
    If you want to see the results go to play store android and see Veon application rating, and read views. But you guys doing yellow journalism and took money from Veon for damage control.

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