Karachi to Face Another Heatwave Starting Tomorrow

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has warned of an upcoming heatwave in Karachi from Thursday to Sunday.

The winds in the Bay of Bengal are agitated and PMD expects that the winds will escalate into a storm. A Category 1 cyclone is also possible due to the wind pressure in the next 24 or 48 hours.

The cyclone and wind pressure is expected to move towards central Indian region and will only dissipate when it gets there. Due to the severe direction of winds in the opposite direction, the wind pressure and sea breeze in the coastal belt of Pakistan will be affected as well. This can raise temperatures in the coastal areas such as Karachi. The temperatures are expected to rise up to 41°C from October 19th till October 22nd.

Karachi recently witnessed another heatwave which spiked the temperatures to over 40°C less than a week ago, ending this Friday. This heatwave, however, is not expected to be as severe as the previous one, according to the meteorological department.

This heatwave will not affect any other part of the country and will mainly raise the temperatures in areas close to the coastal belt. Like the one before, this heatwave will not raise humidity and we can’t expect a rainfall. This was said by the spokesperson of the PMD, Dr. Abdul Rashid.

People close to the coastal belt, especially Karachi folks, should reschedule outdoor activities as PMD has advised to avoid direct contact with sunlight.

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    • بارشیں تو اب اس سال کے آخر تک نہیں برسے گی کیونکہ خدا نے شہری اور میدانی علاقوں کا کا حصہ بھی شمالی اور پہاڑی علاقوں کو دے دیا ہے.
      اب آپ لوگ چاہے جتنی زیادہ منتیں کرے، نوافل پڑھیں، صدقے خیرات کرے یا دھاڑیں مار مار کر روئے، اس سے کچھ نہیں ہونے والا.

  • The news has changed, the temperature are now predicted to be normal as the low pressure system which was expected to block the wind flow to Sind did not formed.

  • کراچی والوں آپ لوگ یونہی اپنی بیوقوفیوں سے خود کو مار دینگے مگر مجال ہے کہ کبھی اپنے فائدے کے لیے کچھ کرے.
    آبادی کو کنٹرول نہیں کرتے، درختوں کو نہیں لگاتے.
    صفائی کا خیال نہیں رکھتے.
    قابل اور ایمان دار لوگوں کو ووٹ نہیں دیتے.
    جاگو کراچی جاگو

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