Some Motorways in Pakistan Are Still Without Police & Proper Management

The National Assembly Standing committee on Communications directed on Thursday that charging of high prices and selling low quality items on the Motorway should be stopped immediately, bringing the M-9 to the level of other Motorways.

The Committee was informed that high rates are being charged on the Motorways. Similarly, several things, especially food items made from chicken and beef are of very low standard.

The committee meeting was presided by Chairman Standing Committee of National Assembly on Communications, Muhammad Muzammil Qureshi.

The Standing Committee directed NHA to take action and stop such practices and report back to the Committee. Moreover, the Standing Committee was informed that facilities available on M-2 and other Motorways are not available on M-9.

People are making enter and use the M-9 without permission. The Standing Committee recommended that M-9 may also be brought to the general standards of Motorways.

The Committee was briefed that several new Highways and Motorways have been constructed in the area of Sindh and Balochistan. But Motorway Police could not be deployed on newly constructed Highways and Motorways because Finance Division did not approve the necessary funds.

The Committee took serious notice of it and directed that Communications Division should properly follow the case and solve it within a month, otherwise, both the Finance Division and the Establishment Division will be called to attend the meeting to explain why they failed to perform their duties.

It was observed that CPEC is about to complete but the Communications Division is still in need of more time to organize its work force to look after the Motorways.

The Standing Committee recommended that special interest may be shown in this regard. The Committee was informed that no road signs have been placed on Lyari Expressway and Northern Bypass.

The Committee directed NHA to properly perform its duties. Similarly, it was informed that the rise in the pay and allowances of Motorway Police is less than that of the Provincial Police. So, no one is ready to come from the Provincial force.

The Standing Committee directed that the pay and allowances of the employees of National Highways and Motorway should be enhanced as per approval and direction of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The meeting was also attended by Minister of State for Communications Muhammad Anwer Chaudhary, Members National Assembly SaleemRehman, Engineer Hamid-ul-Haq Khalil, Sanjay Perwani, Naseema Hafeez Panezai, Engineer Usman Khan Tarakai, Shahjehan Munir Mangrio, Chairman, NHA Shahid Tarar and many senior Civil Officers.

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