Nawaz Sharif Indicted in Flagship Investments Reference

An accountability court on Friday indicted the ousted prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, in a reference related to Flagship Investments and other offshore companies.

The court charged Sharif in absentia for holding assets beyond his known sources of income and read out a charge-sheet to his pleader, Zafir Khan. Khan pleaded not guilty on behalf of Sharif, who is currently in London tending to his ailing wife.

According to the charge-sheet, Sharif told the joint investigation team that he was a shareholder in 16 companies, including:

  1. Flagship Investments Limited
  2. Hartstone Properties Limited
  3. Que Holdings Limited
  4. Quint Eaton Place 2 Limited
  5. Quint Saloane Limited (formerly Quint Eaton Place Limited).
  6. Quaint Limited
  7. Flagship Securities Limited
  8. Quint Gloucester Place Limited
  9. Quint Paddington Limited (formerly Rivates Estates Limited)
  10. Flagship Developments Limited
  11. Alanna Services Limited (BVI)
  12. Lankin SA (BVI)
  13. Chadron Inc
  14. Ansbacher Inc
  15. Coomber Inc
  16. Capital FZE (Dubai)

The court was told that his sons, Hassan and Hussain were his dependents in 1989 and 1990. However, Sharif, submitted a record of assets for Hassan from 1990-1995, the charge-sheet read.
The charge-sheet observed that Sharif had held important positions in public office, including those of chief minister and prime minister.

On Thursday, accountability court Judge Mohammad Bashir indicted Sharif in the Avenfield Properties and Al-Azizia Company references through his pleader, while charges against Maryam Nawaz Sharif and her husband, retired Captain Muhammad Safdar were framed in the Avenfield reference in their presence.

The Sharif family pleaded not guilty to the charges, claiming that they were denied the fundamental right to a fair trial.

As per Sharif’s pleader, the Supreme Court’s judgement of July 28th in the Panama Papers case was “unprecedented” and denied him his “fundamental rights which the Constitution guaranteed for every citizen for being treated in accordance with law”.

According to the former prime minister, the apex court’s directions to conclude the trial within six months and the appointment of a monitoring judge to supervise the trial was against constitutional provisions that ensured the dignity of citizens and the right to fair and transparent proceedings.

The pleader read out Sharif’s statement after the accountability judge read out charges against him in the Avenfield Properties reference.

    • What once Abida Hussain (Ex-ambassador in US, in PMLN and in PPP) wrote about General Asif Nawaz and how US tried to topple government of Nawaz in 90s…is harsh reality of our history.

      If I have 16 or 600 companies that is no one’s business as long as no one can prove any link to corruption.

      Going out of the way for so called justice without any legal reference in constitution, getting “evidences” from UAE in couple of days, monitoring judge, whatsapp calls, intelligence officers meeting judge, remarks….so much more…is enough even for the dumbest to know who is behind all this.

      P.S. I am just wondering ProPakistani missed covering hearing of petitions against Imran and Jahangir Tareen, they should officially announce PTI membership.

  • In my opinion it’s not accountability, it,s the result of CPEC, Improvement of LAW and OPRDER in Karachi and CONTROLLING the terrorist activties in PAKISTAN, With Completion of CPEC, USA will be out in this region and CHINA, RUSSIA and PAKISTAN will make an other Block here. Economy of Pakistan will progress and next generation will enjoy a prosperous life IA. USA by using INDIA will do any by any means to stop it.

    • How about your pay attention to what’s going on INSIDE YOUR OWN COUNTRY, before thinking about going International? CPEC is just another reason to say “Oh USA Is behind all this”. Still doesn’t change the fact that these are GOONS of corruption.

      What they did in model town, metro punjab, laptops and all … is a small example. Show me ONE hospital in Pakistan which has ‘IMPROVED’? Have you ever been to the General Hospital Lahore? Please go there and once and you will see the governance of your beloved.

      Only those people keep supporting these rascals who themselves are corrupt on any level and never want things to change.

  • oh damn too many patwaris on the loose in the comments section. when people defend criminals and the sort of criminals you just need logic to understand their crime let alone trials, you can be certain they belong to the same mind set so better not pay attention to these criminal mentality

  • جس ملک میں الطاف حسین جیسے شخص کو جس نے لاکھوں گھر اجاڑے کوئی ہاتھ نہ لگا سکے، جہاں مشرف پورا ملک غیروں کے حوالے کر دے اور اسے ہماری عدلیہ “صادق اور آمین” کا سرٹیفیکیٹ دے کر رخصت کر دے۔ جہاں آصف زرداری پورے ملک کی تاریخ کے کرپشن کے رکارڈ توڑ دے اور دھڑلے سے ابھی بھی توڑے جا رہا ہے اور ہماری عدلیہ اور نیب اسے ہاتھ لگانے کو بھی تیار نہیں۔
    اور اسی ملک پاکستان میں نواز شریف کو معمولی معمولی باتوں پر برطرف کر دیا جائے۔ وہ نواز شریف جو ملک کو اللہ کی مدد سے دہشت گردی، اندھیروں سے نکال رہا تھا اسے برطرف کر دیا جاتا ہے۔
    ایک بات تو طے ہو چکی کہ پاکستان میں کوئی بھی شریف آدمی کی کوئی جگہ نہیں یہاں وہ کامیاب ہے جو کھل کے دہشت گردی کرے، ملک کو دونوں ہاتھوں اور دونوں لاتوں سے لوٹے، ملک کے آئین کو توڑ کے ججوں کو نظر بند کر دے اور چیف جسٹس کو مکے دکھئے۔ وہ کامیاب ہے۔ اس ملک میں وہ کامیاب ہے جو دن رات جھوٹ بولے، غیبت، الزام تراشی جس کا خاصہ ہو۔ بے حیائی کو جو فروغ دے وہ یہاں کامیاب ہے۔ اس ملک میں صرف وہ چلے گا جو “پاشا کی باقیات” کے کہنے پر چلے گا۔ خود بھی کھائے گا اور سب کو کھیلائے گا۔
    اللہ پاکستان کا ہامی و ناصر ہو۔

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