PEMRA Gives Final Warning to Urdu 1 Over Airing Banned Movies

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a warning to Urdu 1 over public telecast of an obscene movie. The authority has asked to not air any banned movie in the future. In a recent press release, PEMRA warned the channel that if it ignored the order, the authority would take action against it.

PEMRA has been active these days and it has issued warnings to various channels. The official statement said;

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a warning to Urdu-1 to not air any banned movie in future, keeping in view the provisions of Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015.

If the channel fails to comply with the decision made by PEMRA further action will be taken against them.

“In case of non-compliance of the above direction, the authority shall proceed against the channel under section 29 of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007,” PEMRA says in the press release.

It’s not the first time that Urdu 1 has come under scrutiny from PEMRA. In September 2017, PEMRA sent a notice to Urdu 1 for airing Bollywood movie “Dangal” after censor board identified some scenes to be “not suitable” for Pakistani audience. This is probably a follow-up regarding the same issue as Urdu 1 has been repeatedly violating the same PEMRA regulation i.e. against obscene content.

If the channel still broadcasts any banned material PEMRA will proceed further under the law.

    • Asal me saza jurm ki noeyyat aur shiddat k hisab se di jati hay.
      News channels ka asar awam par entertainment channels ki nisbat kahi zyada parta hay.
      Entertainment ko log serious nahi letay.
      Wesay Urdu 1 ne jo movie nashar ki hay wo zyada fehash bhi nahi hogi keh jiski waja se baat fine tak jata.

    • All news channels are blackmailers, destroy facts, twist arms and have political agendas. Sadly poor awam drive their opinion from political shows by so called “famous” anchors.

      PEMRA issued hundreds of notices to TV channels and they got “stay orders” from courts, since 3 years no hearing has happened on these (courts decide priority of cases, wondering why cases where lives of so many in jails is on stake but probably those cases aren’t the priority).

  • PEMRA has been active? PEMRA has been sitting on its a$$ doing absolutely nothing while a company such as nayatel sits and allows streaming of pirated content through its HD Box. every day nayatel uploads the latest torrents for availability to its user base and PEMRA has never once taken action because it appears to be on the take.

  • ek DTH ka auction to karwa nahi sakti yeh USELESS se bhi nothing regulatory body.. baaqi Notice pe notice dilwa lo in haramkhoron se…..

  • URDU Banned and BOL par sab Host sirf Zehar ugal rahe hain, TV channels bache bhi dekhte hain what childrens are getting from these un-ethical hosts especially on BOL/PAK TV, is pakistan main bas jo weak hai us ko aur daba do aur job heavy weight hai woh king hai

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