4G for Everyone: Telenor is Adding One 4G Site Every Hour

Telenor Pakistan today claimed that it is rolling-out one new 4G cell-site every working hour and it has maintained that pace since it started its 4G rollout last September.

“30% of Telenor’s cell sites are now on 4G while the company has plans to stretch its 4G footprint to more than 70% of its entire network within one year”, said Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Technical Officer at Telenor Pakistan, while briefing media at its headquarters a while ago.

Press briefing also marked the launch of Telenor’s revamped brand identity. Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan and Bilal Kazim, Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Pakistan, were also present at the occasion.

“Telenor Pakistan works tirelessly towards accomplishing its vison of ‘empowering societies’ through various digital and financial initiatives that are designed around the ever changing customer needs,” said Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan.

Since Telenor Pakistan’s 4G license acquisition in June 2016, it has rolled out over 3,000 LTE sites across 110+ cities in Pakistan. Karachi alone has received 600+ LTE sites with special arrangements – such as spectrum reframing and dual band usage – made for enhanced user experience of the city’s LTE customers.

Telenor Pakistan has said that it received substantial investment from Telenor Group for LTE infrastructure enhancement reiterating Telenor’s commitment in Pakistan. This investment will enable the company to have additional LTE sites as well as reframe the existing sites.

Without revealing the investment value, the officials said that company’s focus during next year will be on 4G expansion.

“Since our core-network is 4G ready and there are only small components that require upgradation, our 4G rollouts are going to be quick”, Telenor’s CTO claimed.

In addition to adding number of 4G towers, Khurram said that they have the right mix of spectrum to offer premium 4G experience to customers. He said that there are frequencies that offer better speeds while others offer better capacity.

Khurram said that that Telenor is the only operator in Pakistan that’s using mix of spectrum for its 4G, 3G and older 2G networks. ”

“We will also initiate building towards a 4.5G network rollout to cater to the ever growing needs of our customers and bring them the benefits of digital technology. Along with being the first telco in Pakistan to have cloud computing services, we also have a high efficiency spectrum utilizing all four 4 bands”, he added.

Khurram further revealed that his company has more than 12,500 KM of fiber optic network — up from just 5,000 KMs of fiber in 2013-14 — in place to supercharge the company with higher speed data for its 3G and 4G demands.

“And then we have deployed in-house cloud infrastructure, another first in industry, to be able to offer and support any sort of service on our network”, said Khurram Ashfaque.

He said that the company is committed to offer its customers all the digital solutions they want.

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  • faithful

    Anyone using telenor 4g? How’s the speed?

    • telenor 4G access is not available in my areas completely :

    • Saqi

      It’s good for me. I’m using zong 4g but if i got any problem, i switch to telenor for a few minutes upto an hour. Never face a problem for that period. Quality may vary, depends on your area because only 30% towers are 4g for now

    • Salman Haider

      Maximum speed in my area is 2 mbs but most of the time the speed remains between 500 kbps and 700 kbps.

      • timematcher

        500kB/sec is almost 4MB bandwidth. 700KBPS is almost 8.5MB bandwidth unless you are talking about bits per second for speed which would be terrible speed. Bandwidth is measured in bits, download speed in bytes

        • Salman Haider

          I am talking about “bytes per second” in download.

    • Chamki

      Not available in my area & signal be bus last 2 bars atti hain.

    • waleed khokhar

      my location lahore: punjab society near dha 5MB max 3to 4MB avg jazz stable @ 25mb n zong as well

    • Shahmeer

      Telenor 4G’s signal is really good. Jazz 4G is also decent but it’s slow. I get about 8-12 Mbps. 2-3 bars inside the house 4/4 bars in front yard. If I go in front yard the speed is about 18-25 Mbps. 3G is better now about 3/4 bars inside the house.

  • Atiq Samtia

    I live in Q Block Johar Town Lahore and the cell site does not support 4G yet. (According to customer care and I have checked by dialing code as well)

    • Atiq Samtia

      Don’t know one site per hour is where? When you have not fully covered the Lahore City.

      • Usama Ahmed

        بھائ جھوٹ بولنے میں کونسی کوئ محنت درکار ہوتی ہے

  • Salman Haider

    I have been complaining about Telenor 4G indoors signal issue in my area for the past one year but they will always assure me of fixing the issue as soon as possible.
    I’m totally disappointed with their lack of interest in addressing customers complaints.

  • Muhammad Ahmad Hussain

    Telenor 2G ,OR 3G signal he nahin poor hote hamare area me 4G kia chale gi. Pehle signals k hisab se jitni better company thi. Ab us se kahin ziada ghytia tareen network bn China Ha Telenor.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Lol. 1 cell site per hour since acquisition. One day has 24 hours mean 24 cell sites in one day. Means 2400 cell sites in 100 days and more than 8000 in one year.

    And from April 2016 to till now they managed to upgrade 3000 cell sites. And they yet not fully covered any big city like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpimdi/Islamabad or Faisalabad. Ch…. Bana rahay hyn yeh sab mill kar.

    • YARaza

      Zafar Bhai one working hour ka kaha ha , one hour ka nhi

  • timematcher

    So that’s why signal has jumped from 1 bar to 3 bars and download speeds increase from 600KBytes per sec to 1.5Mega Bytes per second in my area even in peak hours. That is equivalent of 12MB bandwith which is not extraordinary compared to their bandwidth claims but its better compared to 5-8MB bandwithd with one bar signal when i started using it 1.5 month ago.

  • ahmed

    What do you expect from 850 Mhz band and ZTE combination, must be most pathetic one

    • YARaza

      Mery Bhai me telenor 4G Wingle user hoon , aor mery pas 15 Mbps + speed aati ha , aor me gaon mein rehta hoon , agr milny ko di kry to number dial kr lena mera aor aa jana check krwa doon ga 03006000021 is my number

      • ahmed

        I am using Warid / Jazz Mifi device getting seen up to 72 Mbs average is 30 to 40 Mbs Even user are too high

        • YARaza

          Mery Bhai ap green wood socity k aas paas kahein rehty hoon gy , gaon mein PTCl say jab ham telenor 4g pay browsing krty hein to buhat he acha feel hota ha Emaan say , aor ap aik bat bta sakty hein k ap speed test kesy krty hein ?

          • ahmed

            downloaded 150MB file in 40 seconds

            • YARaza


  • Rashid Khan

    Too much talk and chest beating.
    Get over yourself man and admit the mistakes.

    You were slow to miss the 4G spectrum opportunity. Zong has 10,000 4G sites which will take you 2-3 years to catch up.

    Your data services are close to the quality of Ufone.

  • akash

    For me telenor speeds excellent in my area, no doubt. Far better than zong data and balance chor….

    • YARaza

      100% Agree

  • YARaza

    Agr company tak meri aawaz pahunchy to suggestion dena chahta hoon k hotspot (wingle+MiFi) ka 3 mahiny say oper aik saal wala package b introduced krwain jesy k Zong ka package ha (18000 rupy mein aik saal , 50GB per month data)

  • Qaiser

    One site an hour! What a lie

  • ABC

    Telenor!! You have already lost this battle, unfortunately!

    Unfortunate for the people of telecom sector specifically & for the people of Pakistan generally that both Telenor & Ufone have lost the battle.

  • Azhar

    Still No 3G in Chitral from Telenor.

  • Amir Ishfaq

    ٹیلی نار چھا گیا ہے
    میرا علاقہ جنوبی پنجاب کا دیہاتی علاقہ ہے
    جہاں گیس تو نہیں ہے پر ٹیلی نار کا فور جی ایک ہفتہ پہلے آگیا ہے
    اور سپیڈ شاندار ہے
    سپیڈ ٹیسٹ کے مطابق
    پر دن کو
    چار یا پانچ
    سپیڈ آتی ہے
    اور رات کو چھ
    تک آتی ہے
    جبکہ ملتان شہر میں یہ سپیڈ صرف
    کی ہے

  • Ash

    Total jhooooott

  • Ash

    2g chalta nahi yeh 4.5 g ki baat krty hn