Govt is Privatizing These 70 Companies and Entities

The Cabinet Committee on Privatization has approved 70 different public sector enterprises for privatization.

Among these, 43 have been included in the “Early Implementation” program. Presumably the entities included in the Early Implementation program will be privatized within the next few years.

Some of these have been delisted while others have already completed privatization (such as UBL, HBL and others).

Here’s the complete list of the entities in the Early Implementation program:

  1. Habib Bank Limited (Completed)
  2. United Bank Limited (Completed)
  3. Allied Bank Limited (Completed)
  4. National Investment Trust Limited
  5. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Bank
  6. First Women Bank Ltd
  7. National Bank of Pakistan
  8. National Insurance Company
  9. Pakistan Reinsurance Company
  10. State Life Insurance Corporation
  11. House Building Finance Corporation
  12. Industrial Development Bank Limited
  13. Oil and Gas Development Corporation Ltd.
  14. Pakistan Petroleum Limited (Completed)
  15. Pakistan State Oil Company Limited
  16. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
  17. Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
  18. Mari Petroleum Limited
  19. Government Holding Private Limited
  20. Pak Arab Refinery Company (Delisted)
  21. National Power Construction Company (Completed)
  22. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Limited
  23. Islamabad Electric Supply Company Limited
  24. Lahore Electric Supply Company Limited
  25. Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited
  26. Multan Electric Power Company Limited
  27. Peshawar Electric Supply Company Limited
  28. Hyderabad Electric Supply Company Limited
  29. Quetta Electric Supply Company Limited
  30. Sukkur Electric Power Company
  31. Kot Addu Power Company
  32. Jamshoro Power Generation Company Ltd
  33. Central Power Generation Company Ltd
  34. Lakhra Power Generation Company Ltd
  35. Northern Power Generation Company Ltd
  36. Pakistan Engineering Company
  37. Heavy Electrical Complex
  38. Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation & its units
  39. Pakistan International Airlines Corporation
  40. Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
  41. PIA-IL (Roosevelt Hotel, NY & Scribe Hotel, Paris)
  42. Telephone Industries of Pakistan, Haripur
  43. Convention Center Islamabad

Here’s the complete list of public sector entities to be privatized by the government:

  • OMG. Ogdcl is going to privatize? This company earns a lot of revenue every year for the national treasure

      • Politicians will not make money once these Companies are privatized….can you imagine getting a free seat on Air Blue or any other private airline?
        Billion of tax payers money going to PIA every year all politicians in Gov or not fly business class for free…no one can stop them….once privatize I’m sure they have to pay for even water
        Who has better service National Bank or UBL?
        All private steel companies are make money and gov. owned “steel mill” in loss for ever and dont worry no one can fix them…… one tried again and again….its time to move on….Bach Daaaa

        • Privatization main hi itna paisay bana lainge woh k zindagi bhar free main safar krne se ziada ho jaega woh.
          Yaad hai PIA ka plane kitne main beech aae hain?

  • جب تمام سرکاری اداروں کی نجکاری کر دینگے تو پھر سرکاری مشینری بھی چین کو ٹھیکے پر دے دو، کیونکہ پھر اسے چلانے کے لیے پیسے کہاں سے آئے گے.
    پاکستان تباہی کے دہانے پر پہنچ گیا ہے اور عوام سو رہی ہے.

  • Mulk ko tabahi k dahanay per le aaenge ye Ganjay aur Ajrak walay.
    Sab beech kr khud loota howa maal sameet kr bahar chalay jaenge.

    Hum sab ko sootay hi rehna chahiay kyun k is main hi bhala hai sab ka :/

  • Ohhh reallyyyy…. ??????? This is a veryyyyy OLD News…… This was published some 30 Years ago…… that Govt is going to privatize this white elephants and Axis of corruption. But Alas…. 30 Years gone already… 30 More will go by but the corrupt politician and corrupt workers of these organizations will continue to loot the country….. I hope and pray to see them being privatized in my lifetime…..

  • They are selling our national institutions to their relatives making people fool.

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