Whatsapp is Testing Group Video and Voice Calls

WhatsApp live location feature was announced just last week but it seems they are not stopping just there. The world’s most popular messaging app is now testing a group voice and video call feature.

The introduction of video calling caused a large number of people to migrate towards the app leaving behind the likes of Skype & Google Hangouts. However, until now, the group video chatting feature was limited only to Skype.

According to multiple users, the new feature was only available to beta testers and successful limited testing has prompted Facebook-owned app to extend this service to even more users and finally the general public.

According to a WhatsApp leakster, the group video-calling service is being tested out as we speak. Though an official date is yet to be announced.

This feature certainly has the potential to be quite popular with the masses as almost every WhatsApp user is part of at least one group conversation if not more.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that the company intends to thoroughly test out this new service to make sure no flaws remain before introducing it to all users.

Plus, according to the beta site, the group voice call feature will be introduced before the group video call feature.

Facebook Messenger app already allows the use of this service but its not as reliable as WhatsApp is known to be. This conclusion is based on the fact that WhatsApp voice calls usually have better quality as compared to those made through the Messenger app.

About a month ago the colorful status feature was also introduced to WhatsApp, similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories.

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