Govt to Bring Back Pakistan Origin Card for Foreign Spouses of Pakistanis

Government has announced to restore the Pakistan Origin Card (POC). Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal, announced via Twitter that he has approved the restoration of POC for spouses of Pakistani nationals.

If you have a POC, you can have visa-free entry and stay for an indefinite period of time in Pakistan. You are also exempted from foreigner registration requirements.

Holders will also be able to sell and purchase property, and they will have a right to open and operate bank accounts.

Applications for the POC are submitted online through NADRA’s website. You can also apply for the renewal, modification and cancellation of Pakistan Origin Card, based on your requirement.

  • Banks are not honoring this card because it does not have a finger prints associated, and SBP has biometric requirements. Also one can not get a SIM card which is obnoxious when this is issued by NADRA, I can only understand not being allowed to vote.

  • The notification should immediately be sent to NADRA offices as they are showing ignorance to this news.
    The policy on POC for spouses should be consistent & it should not have been suspended in the first place, as how can a foreign spouse live with his family in Pakistan on a year long family visa without any basic rights?

    • Agreed. called them and they said we are waiting of written proof from the minister. I need to apply my wife and visa doesn’t last long. I hope they update news on website soon

      • I am Iraqi married to a pakistani guy, i tried to apply for POC now and i found a big note saying that POC is not available for foreign spouses.. any update?

        • Hi mina i’m Tunisian married to pakistani we live abroad I want o know if u have got ur poc or no because I wanna apply also futhermore do you have idea if we can get pakistani passport without loosing tunisian passport . Plz advise . Thank u

  • They don’t know anything about the update and still showing suspended or no longer available on Nadra website if you want to make announcement need to at least tel nadra people it’s unbanned and least there websites need to be updated

    • Exactly! There doesn’t seem to be any coordination between the minister & the department. The website should immediately be updated & start accepting the applications.

  • Pakistan is the only country being run by morons who keep on making things more difficult for their own citizens. What’s next? They will suspend CNIC because they found fraudulent transactions related to it. Kill the disease not the patient. May be by end of 2018 things will be updated.

    • Rex the moron seems to be you here, POC were discontinued when they are initiated again NADRA will start a proper procedure.

  • I’ve called NADRA three times about this. When I called the first time they said they also have this news and will share the process in 3 to 4 days. Second time they said they don’t have anything official on this so call back in a week. Third time they refused to accept that they are aware of this news.

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