Islamabad Gets Its First Water Research & Training Center

Mir Dostain Khan, Minister for Science and Technology, has inaugurated the first ever centre for water research and training in Islamabad. Korean Ambassador Jin-Wook Kim was also present at the inauguration ceremony held on Wednesday.

Korean government was a major player in the completion of this project and provided an aid of Rs. 258 million.

Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) and Pakistan-Korea National Capacity Building Institute (NCBI) have collaborated to build the centre in Islamabad which will have enough capacity for experts, students and institutions working on water research.

Dr Lubna Bukhari, DG National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL), told the media that an institute of this capacity is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Moreover, explaining about the project, she told that main focus of this institution will be on maintaining and analysing quality of water, research on the issues and conservation of water. The institute has all the necessary equipment to work on the tasks.

Apart from water research, the newly inaugurated institution, will also provide education. Various diploma courses are being offered at institution. Once the institution starts working at full capacity, the institute will offer full degree courses as well.

Emphasizing the importance of such an institution, Yasmin Masood, Secretary Science and Technology ministry, said;

However its adequate availability is under pressure due to rapid population growth, urbanisation, industrialisation and climate change impacts and faces multiple challenges.

Stressing upon the importance of innovation, Yasmin Masood explained that latest technologies and methods should be used to solve water-related problems.

Korean government has also assured the assistance of local professionals working in the institute. For the same purpose a course on “Water Management in Barani Areas” is being offered in the institute.

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