Official: Sony is Coming Back to Pakistan!

Sony, the Japanese smartphone giant, is re-launching in Pakistan, we have checked.

Poised for a mega launch within the next few days, Sony will be retaining its official sales and support network within the country.

Sony fans will be able to get official warranties, after sales support and above all the official prices of Sony smartphones.

While there’s no formal announcement yet, our sources confirmed that Sony will be launching several smartphones — including its latest flagships — to mark its re-entry into Pakistan.

You can expect more details about Sony’s re-entry in Pakistan in the days to come.

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  • No Attractive Design
    No Good Specs
    No Better Camera
    No Better Screen Size
    No Better Resolution
    Highest Price

    Sony Vs Q Mobile = Q Mobile is Win :

  • Yippy. SONY is indeed lurking back into the asian market. First they bought the TENSPORTS. Now coming back to Pakistan. I still remember the good old days of Sony reel cameras. Well at least the SONY devices would be sold at a better price.

  • Try Z3+ dual. I use it to warm my fingers in winter. Using mods to keep this thing cool. Z3+ & Z5 share same hardware but Z5 has great heat sink.

    • There was the flaw in initial processors from Snapdragon 810 about over heating and Z3+/Z4 is one of them. All initial entries of Snapdragon 810 were affected by this overheating issue and not Sony alone.
      But later on Snapdragon improved their 810 overheating issue which is present in Z5.
      I remember when this overheating issue was verified, Z5 launched and the Z3+ price dropped to almost half of Z5 and all other initial prices of 810 devices were dropped to ground.

      • Z5 uses heat sink pipes for heat dissipation like laptops..
        Anyway 810 works great and my Z3+ is lot more powerful than my dual core laptop in processing (tested on video encoding). Sony has already upgraded the software to reduce heat and I have unlocked the bootloader for root to install mods which further have reduced the temperature.

  • Sony is one of the most reliable Smartphone brands. I dont see many Sony phones but the ones I do, their owners have been using them for more than 3 to 4 years and still the phones work like new. I think Sony is the best smartphone manufacturer if you look at camera and reliability. Built quality and design is not as per every other smartphone these days but it is still good.

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