Heavy Smog Engulfs Lahore and Adjoining Areas

Lahore and adjoining areas of Punjab have been enveloped in heavy smog which has caused low visibility and has also resulted in different medical issues.

Early Tuesday morning visibility was reduced to 200 – 300 meters on Motorway because of thick smog.

The Motorway police have issued instructions for drivers to reduce speed and use fog lights while driving to avoid any mishap.

Less Rain, More Pollution

Lack of rain, air pollution and smoke from vehicles and factories and burning of corps and garbage is making the smog worse, said the Chief Meteorologist Mohammad Riaz.

Dr. Khalid Hussain from Services Hospital said that heavy smog has been the cause of many major road accidents in the last couple of days.

He also advised people to use face masks because smog can cause breathing issues and other medical conditions.

What is Smog?

For those who don’t know, Smog is fog or haze intensified by smoke or other atmospheric pollutants. Smog in Lahore is caused by the result of high amount of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and other aerosols.

Level of carbon monoxide is at 21.29 milligram per meters on Mall Road, 17.52 in Mohalanwal, and 6.94 in Gulberg’s Liberty Market.

The public is advised to adopt preventive medical measures and try avoiding the outdoors. People should use face masks to avoid throat infections and other medical conditions.

Drivers should drive slowly and use fog lights so that mishaps don’t take place.

    • You are talking about signs of the End Days.

      Whats happening in Lahore is just typical fog/smog. I’m pretty sure that the ‘smoke’ mentioned in Holy Quran will be something else and more symbolic than our typical smog and will not only involve ‘one city’.

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