Customs Recover Over 80,000 Smuggled Phones

Pakistan Customs led the raid in Defence Phase 7 of Karachi where 80,000 smuggled phones were recovered. Estimated worth of the phones is said to be over Rs. 1.2 billion.

Along with the recovered items, three suspects were also taken in to custody by Directorate Customs Intelligence Karachi.

The Team

The team that raided and retrieved the smuggled cell phones was formed by Customs Intelligence Karachi Director Sameena Zehra. Principal Appraiser Vaqar Qureshi and ADC Ali Zaman were also included in the six member team.

Company Involved

The company associated with the smuggling of cell phones turned out to be M/S Digicom. The company mis-declared to get the containers cleared from Karachi International Container Terminal. A case has been registered against the company and further search is being carried out to recover any more items. Four directors of the company are being sought for.

More of the Same

Apart from M/S Digicom there are several other companies involved in illegal import of cell phones. Sameena Zehra informed that there were several other reprobate companies involved in misappropriating the Green Channel Facility.

It is said that the phones belonged to QMobile.

Some companies are given the Green Channel Facility where the routine examination of goods isn’t performed. Zehra said that M/S Digicom Company had been using this facility for their own illegal purposes as in the recent years the company imported 800 containers.

Another Raid

Over 63,000 mobiles were seized by the customs in what is said to be the biggest raid carried out by Customs. 63,500 phones and tablets, worth Rs. 285 million, were recovered when a container was clutched by authorities.

Customs Collector Preventive Iftikhar Ahmed explaining the whole raid, said that a container was stopped near Gull Plaza in Karachi after receiving tips from reliable sources. The sources informed the Customs that the company was bringing in cell phones and tablets by declaring them as bulbs and LED lights. Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) system is used instead of paper-based for availing the Green Channel Facility.

Money Recovered from Karachi Airport

In another turn of events, Customs seized a significant amount of money from a couple who was leaving for Dubai from Karachi Airport. $100,418, 357,845 dirhams and 70,000 Saudi riyals were subjugated from the couple. The couple was identified as Abdul Sattar and Salima Sattar, said Custom Official Wasif Malik.

Via eTribune

  • Why Customs Allow to Release Sensitive Products on Green Channels ?
    All Sensitive Product Must be Checked Physical In Examination:
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