MPAs Slam Environment Protection Department Over Smog

Lahore has been deluged with smog and the issue isn’t improving by any means. Opposition of the Provincial Assembly (Punjab) has urged government to take stern measures against this ever growing environmental pollution in Lahore.

Opposition Moves the Motion

Opposition held Environment Protection Department Punjab (EPDP) responsible for the current smog situation in the provincial capital. It was demanded in the resolution that strict action should be taken against the individuals responsible and that school going children should be given vacations until the smog issue is resolved.

Assembly members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League Q (PML Q) presented the motion in the assembly hall. PTI members included Ahmed Khan Bachar, Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui, and Malik Taimoor Masood while Sadia Sohail Rana and Muhammad Afzal from PML (Q) joined the motion.

Reasons Behind Air Pollution

Smog is a thick layer of pollutants that combine with fog and get suspended in the air. Contributing factors of smog include emissions from vehicles and industries. Cutting down of trees has also been identified as one of the reasons behind increase in smog.

Dr Muhammad Afzal, held EPDP responsible and said that no in-time measures were taken against the sources of pollution by the concerned department. According to him, vehicles emitting the huge amounts of smoke should have been fined.

Identifying factories as one of the main contributors to smog, Shoaib Siddiqui claimed that factories in Droghawala, Mehmood-Booti and adjacent areas were working during night and are main driving factor behind the pollution.

“At these factories, tyres were burnt which is hazardous to human health.”

He further demanded that these factories should be moved out of the city or closed permanently.

Sadia Sohail put the blame on Punjab government’s projects of Metro bus and Orange line. She said that huge number of trees were cut down during the progress of these projects and government failed to plant them again. She demanded that trees be planted again to restore the balance.

Awareness Campaign

Dr Faisal Zahoor, DG Punjab Health Services, says that Rs. 0.88 million have been allocated for distribution of face masks among public. 500,000 masks are to be distributed as bids are already in place.

He further said that Rs. 1 million will be spent on campaigns where the focus would be on diseases caused by smog and how to prevent them.

Malik Taimoor previously criticised the government for not running any awareness campaigns. He demanded that government should dole out masks among public especially students.

Dangerous for Humans and Crops

International standards suggest that air pollution must not increase 80 mg per cubic metres however it has already crossed this limit in various areas of Punjab. The pollution recorded in various areas of Punjab is as high as 200 mg per cubic meters.

Such high density of thick pollution layer in the atmosphere interferes with the photosynthesis process in plants which leaves them short of food. Not only that, it is the cause of many skin diseases among humans and is highly treacherous for people with heart diseases.

Advice from Agriculture Department

In order to reduce the effect of smog on crops, Agriculture Department has issued certain guidelines to farmers. Farmers should not burn the residue of crops, instead they should mix it with soil and plant the crops in that. Crops should be periodically irrigated and sprayed with water to harness better yield that has been decreased by smog.

Via: Tribune

    • LOL!
      Bhai idhar private companies walay kuttay banay huay han, chutti to dooor ki baat hai time pay ghar wapis janay dein to Allah ka shukar krtay han

  • While burning of stubble is cost-effective and removes insects that may threaten future crop growth, Pakistan & India should work together its eradication.
    Smog has surfaced only recently (10 years ago, tops) in Lahore and adjacent areas. The fact that Pakistan burns its stubble (a fact witnessed on M2 freeway frequently during after harvest) is quite less than what Indian figures state. In 2015 alone, Indian Punjab burnt more than 19 million tonne stubble on over 70 lakh acres of agricultural land. Westward winds are a contributing factor to smog considering the phenomenon picking up pace with every passing year.
    Environmentalists from both countries need to sit down!

  • *سموگ کیا ہے*
    *القرآن کیا کہتا ہے*
    سوشل میڈیا الیکٹرونک اور پرنٹ میڈیا پر اس کے بارے میں طرح طرح کی باتیں بتائی جارہی ہیں.
    کوئی کہہ رہا ہے یہ انڈیا والوں نے فصلوں کی باقیات کو آگ لگائی ہوئی ہے جس کے باعث ہے. کوئی اسے گلوبل وارمنگ کا شاخسانہ کہہ رہا ہے.
    اور کوئی اسے بڑھتی ہوئی انڈسٹریل آلودگی.
    لیکن کیا کبھی آپ نے سوچا کہہ جنگ عظیم دوم ویت نام میں چلنے والے نیپام بم (ایسا بم جو وار ہیڈ کے پانچ سو میٹر میں آگ لگا سکتا تھا) ایسی آلودگی اور سموگ کیوں نہ پھیلا سکا.
    *اندازہ کیجیے* پانی کا نقطہ کھولاؤ 100 درجہ حرارت ہے جبکہ نیپام بم 800 سے 1200 درجہ حرارت کی آگ برساتا اور آگ لگنے کی رفتار 70 میل فی گھنٹہ جس کی لپیٹ میں آنے والے انسان جانور اور املاک منٹوں میں راکھ اور دھوؤیں کا ڈھیر ہو جاتے. نیپام بم کا وہ دھواں جس میں کاربن مونو آکسائیڈ اور نفتھینک پلمیٹک تیزآب اور بہت سے آگ پکڑنے والے زہریلے مادے ہوتے تھے ایسا سموگ پیدا نہ کر سکے.
    آجکل میڈیا پر لوگ دنیاوی چیزوں سے اسے تشبیع دے کر ڈرا رہے ہیں مگر افسوس صد افسوس ہمیں *آلودگی* اور *انڈیا* سے تو ڈرایا جا رہا ہے.
    مگر *اللہ* اور اس کے فرامین کے بارے ہم نابلد ہیں.
    ہم قرآن کو بھلا چکے ہیں ورنہ آج ہم کو انڈیا کی لگائی آگ سے زیادہ فکر اللہ کی طرف سے دہکائی گئی جہنم کی ہوتی.
    اللہ نے سورۃ الدخان میں فرمایا.
    فَارْتَقِبْ يَوْمَ تَاْتِى السَّمَآءُ بِدُخَانٍ مُّبِيْنٍ (10)
    سو اس دن کا انتظار کیجیے کہ آسمان ظاہر دھواں لائے۔
    يَغْشَى النَّاسَ ۖ هٰذَا عَذَابٌ اَلِـيْـمٌ (11)
    جو لوگوں کو ڈھانپ لے، یہی دردناک عذاب ہے۔
    *یاد کرو* گزشتہ سال 2016 بھی یہی عذاب تھا مگر کچھ عرصہ کیلئے ٹال دیا گیا. اور اس عذاب میں بیماریاں اور حادثات ہیں. تب بھی ہم نہیں سمجھ رہے.
    ارشاد باری تعالیٰ ہے..!
    اِنَّا كَاشِفُو الْعَذَابِ قَلِيْلًا ۚ اِنَّكُمْ عَآئِدُوْنَ (15)
    ہم اس عذاب کو تھوڑی دیر کے لیے ہٹا دیں گے مگر تم پھر وہی کرنے والے ہو۔
    *اور غور کرو* آج پھر ہم اس عذاب میں کس طرح مبتلا ہو چکے ہیں. مگر پھر بھی ہمیں ماسک لگا کر بچ نکلنے کی فکر ہے نہ کہ اپنے دل کو اللہ کے ذکر سے ڈھانپنے کی.
    ہو سکے تو اپنا محاسبہ کریں اور تمام اہلِ اسلام کیلئے دعا کریں. اللہ سب کو ہدایت دے اور اہلِ اسلام کو پھر سے یکجا کر دے___Ameen

    جزاک اللہ۔۔

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