Peshawar Police is Removing Vulgarity, Guns & Drug Art From Rickshaws

Peshawar Traffic Police has started a campaign to get rid of unsightly posters and paintings on rickshaws which glamorized vulgarity, drugs and guns.

Rickshaws with such paintings and pictures are being stopped at checkposts around the city. The police informed that they were asking the owners to voluntarily remove the pictures or face consequences in the future.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Yasir Afridi said,

The campaign is aimed at keeping the community safe from the effects of the gun and drug culture.
The police are asking drivers to replace such posters with those promoting patriotism or community awareness.

The townspeople actually encouraged this campaign. A citizen said,

Posters of actors holding guns or other weapons or using drugs aren’t good for the society. The culture of guns and drugs should be discouraged.

Experts endorsed this campaign as well.

Dr. Azaz Jamal, a doctor who works at the psychology unit of Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) said that images of such activities – guns, drug use, or vulgarity – encourages these activities and induces aggressive behavior in people. He added that the most affected by such imagery are children and that it has a negative effect on people.

More than 40,000 ads are viewed by young people per year on television, internet, and other mediums. Such exposure contributes significantly to childhood obesity, poor nutrition, and the encouragement of cigarette, drugs, and alcohol use.

Via Tribune

    • When their tenure is about to complete they are doing gimmicks? That song of “tabdeli ae ray” is being played since day one.

      I will recommend everyone to see documentary on massive child m0lestation in Peshawar available on Youtube, in that video Imran A.K Niazi promised action against it in 2013.

  • Great efforts.
    It may be a small thing for few but great for small kids (who observe small things).

    Jo bacha shuru se hi drugs aur guns waghera dekhta hoe aaega aur jo nahi dekhay ga donoun main bohat farq hai.

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