Islamabad Traffic is Terrible Right Now & People Aren’t Happy [Reactions + Updates]

In the wake of Tehreek-e-Labbaik’s Khatam-e-Nabuwat rally reaching Islamabad earlier today, citizens are having a hard time finding their way to their preferred destinations.

Major roads of Islamabad including Agha Shahi Avenue (Stadium Road to Zero Point), Murree Road etc. have been choked and the situation regarding traffic is worsening with every passing second.

The traffic at the twin cities has been badly affected by the rally, and residents of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi have poured out their anger over the social media.

The Capital City Police force outlined a comprehensive traffic plan regarding the rally, mentioning the choke points and affected areas for commuters.

The situation is pretty evident when you look at Google Maps, which is basically a network of red lines showing the traffic congestion on most major roads.

A lot of people suffered due to the rally, and their reactions over social media shed more light on the atrocious traffic that was witnessed today by thousands of commuters in the twin cities:

Even Kashmir Highway is blocked badly.

The blame game has already begun.

Islamabad Expressway is also severely affected.

And IJP Road too.

The blockage has sparked outrage among the university students.

And we’ve heard that the rally is a small one, right?

Everyone’s wondering about the role of the traffic police.

Let’s hope that the congestion clears out soon and that citizens can reach their homes without any inconvenience at the end of the day.

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  • Wao : ISLAMABADIO Kabhi Kisi Aur Ki Really Pe Kuch Nahi Karte Na Kehte :
    Ab Jab K Khatam E Nabauwat K Liye Really Nikali Gayi Supporting K Bajaye Objection Kar Rahe hai
    RIP Aise Musalman Hone Par

    • Bhai islam me kdhr likha hai logon ky liyay mushkilat khara kro. Allah na kre aap ka koi khandaan wala ambulance me hta phr aap ky taasurat kuch aur htay

      • Imran khan k waqt kisi ko tension nai thi, tm logon ko bara yaad ajata hai “islam mein kidher likha hai”

      • Bhai jan kon c duniya say comment ker ry ho Ambulance ko kisi nay nhe rouka aj tak bat kahan say kahan lay ker ja rhy ho.? Jo likhty ho us say phly soch b liya kro. Comment ker k ap ko yahan oscar award k lieay nhe chunn lain gain thora halky ho jao.

    • You have not seen blocked traffic of Islamabad and pindi today just of this nonsense rally. I hardly reached before 30 minutes for mid term paper today just of this shit.

    • Islam me kahan likha h k dusray musalmanon k liay mushkil ka sabab bano?

      Km s km soch smj kr bola kro, khuda ka wasta hai.

    • Oh come on we are on the way back to home and rastay band hain 5 ghanta lag gaye niklna mei, an infant died….. this my Islam doesn’t support for sure

      • Hazrat Muhammad SAWW padail chala krty they ap b walk kro. Sunaat pay amal kro sirf naam k musalman na ban jao.

    • Dude. Khateme nabuwwat ka naam inka shashka hai. Kaash ye bari bari darian rakh k us nabi ki taleem pe b amal krte. He was Rahmatall Lil Alameen. These molvees have become Zahmatal Lil Muslimeen and Alameen both!

      • Clapping ap k lieay ap ki soch ko b bhai.
        May wasy he comment parh raha thaw mjhe yaqeen nhe ho rha ham sab muslman hain yahan really i am shocked. Wow ham tarakki ker rhy hain.. (y)

    • Bhai hummay Universities or Offices jaana hota hay. Aap ki tarah humaaray paas faaltu waqt nahi hay. Agar dusaron ko takleef dainay ko aap Musalmaan banna kehtay ho to hummay nahi banna aap jaisa Musalmaan. Rally aap apnay goun may nikaalayn. Shukariya

    • For your kind info, an infant expired today, just because this rally and protestors blockage, he was in ambulance going to pims from Jinnah gardens. do u really think these are the Teachings of Our Prophet (PBUH) ?

  • I believe in displaying freedom of expression so much that the freedom of others are not restricted. By taking rallies out to the street and blocking roads by any one whether a religious party or any political one is a shame for us. You see there are those people who never take sides because they are more concerned about their livelihood. It might look brave to pull up such an act of agressiveness by blocking the roads and streets but how can you sleep properly by depriving people of their basic right to go out and earn a living.
    This all comes down to the mindset of a nation. Its the very basic morality lessons everyone of us probably had in our lives like never speak loudly over the phone in a public bus, it looks hideous. But in this country, no one cares.

  • Islamabad aur baki cities ka wohi hisab hay jesa Western countries main aik mar jayay to haala laala, eastern main 50 mar jain to kuch nahi.

    Hum Faisalabad main har jumayraat Shia, naqli peero ke roads block ker kay songs ke tarz per taqreebat shaano shokat kay liay kis peer nay zayada kharcha aur zayada ooncha speaker lagaya, roads per shaadian, sayaasi takriban khaas ker PMLN ke, chota city hay aik barda road block ho sara city ka hissa block ho jata hay,

    pehlay he Faisalabadio ko roads rules ka nahi pata, na hamaray traffic signals chalay jab say sher ke hakomat ai, kharab nizam doran to waisay he damag phir jata hay, jesay ab mera phir raha :D :D :D

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