Overseas Pakistanis Remit US$ 6.4 Billion During The First Four Months of FY 2018

Overseas Pakistani workers have remitted US $6.44 billion in the first four months (July to October) of FY18, compared with US $6.30 billion received during the same period in the preceding year.

During October 2017, the inflow of worker’s remittances amounted to US $1,654.45 million, which is 27.87% higher than September 2017 and 5.99% higher than October 2016.

The country wise details for the month of October 2017 compared to October 2016 are listed below:

  • Saudi Arabia: US $461.07 million down from US $470.19 million
  • UAE: US $333.57 million down from US $358.38 million
  • USA: US $215.64 million up from US $183.26 million
  • UK: US $270.46 million up from US $173.4 million
  • GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman): US $184.76 million down from US $183.13 million
  • EU countries: US $51.12 million up from US $35.36 million

Remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during October 2017 amounted to US $137.83 million together as against US $157.30 million received in October 2016.

  • And still the Government doesnt put effort to bring PayPal in Pakistan. I swear if Paypal comes in Pakistan, foreign remittances will be tripled. I alone can bring one forth of it in Pakistan!

      • First read what I am trying to say. I never mentioned saudi arabia once. I don’t do business with enemies of Islam ( the other one is Iran). I am talking about Paypal and freelancing business in general. The foreign remittance from Paypal can triple this amount even if you take saudi arabia out of the equation.

        • Freelancers are using alternate ways for receiving payments, most of them work with fiverr odesk etc and don’t take direct payment so services like Payoneer and transferwise are very good for the moment. I doubt your claim of triple payments, though it may increase but not three fold.

          Also remittances are not sent via PayPal even in other countries. Only businesses and freelancers use that.

          • i am a freelance. even i am facing many problem to because of no paypal. i am doing work on envato-themeforest (Web Design and web development). when someone bought my item. if he ask me about support. i offer him 20$ – 60$ for 2 – 4 hrs work for support. sometime buyer not agree with payonner for 20$ – 60$. he say’s i can only pay you on paypal. Then i rejected support because of no paypal. my daily sale is 20 – 35. mostly 3 – 4 ask for support.

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