Shahbaz Sharif Orders PFA to Take Strict Steps Against Food Adulteration

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif has instructed the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) to keep a strong check on food adulteration while praising the efforts of department.

He addressed a video conference at the Civil Secretariat saying, “The elements involved in the preparation of unhygienic food deserve no leniency and should be in jail. Adulteration of food items is a heinous crime.”

“If the responsibility is fulfilled with hard work and commitment, then success will be achieved and the people cannot be left at the mercy of any adulteration mafia,” he added.

The chief minister decreed the officials to take stern action against the mafia involved in this odious business. He said that he would do anything to ensure quality in the production of eatable items. He directed the members to launch a swift action against the violators.

Shahbaz Sharif supported the PFA members to start a crackdown against the farmers who plant the vegetables in contaminated water. He also added that the entities selling unhygienic and low-quality products like cooking oil, ghee, tea, milk, spices and other items are public’s enemies and must be punished consequently.

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The CM also insisted the authority officials to take immediate steps to add food safety measures in the syllabus. “The scope of PFA should be extended to the schools of all 36 districts of the province by December,” he addressed.

He congratulated the director general PFA, Noorul Amin Mengal, for his day-to-day efforts to establish a healthy Punjab.

“It is the mission of the Punjab government to save the people from different diseases by ensuring the provision of healthy food items to them,” he expressed.

Mengal also gave a briefing to the CM regarding the progress of department.

The officials who joined the video conference from civil secretariat were provincial minister Mukhtar Barth, chief secretary, Punjab IG and the secretaries of concerned departments.

Via Tribune

    • Did not expect you appreciate or say something constructive in very first comment on every post you make. Bravo you kept your “sunnah”..

      On the topic, food contamination or adulteration is causing so many diseases in Pakistan, poor are happy that rich are dying from cancer or heart problems but rich can survive for some more time after medical care, poor dies in a few days…this is our reality.

      Media did not show that how PFA sealed Shan’s packing plant in Punjab, one of the “best” spices brands we have.
      Water is unsafe for drinking.. vegetables are on land irrigated with contaminated water…milk made from chemicals…. where are we heading to?

      Such crimes which cause life long misery of people and should have a death penalty.

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    ye kia mulk ko chalaye ga.

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