Punjab Food Authority Finally Bans Soft Drinks at Educational Institutes

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to ban sales of all type of soft drinks at educational institutions across Punjab from 14th August.

According to the details, not only the authority has banned the sales of these soft drinks but also barred manufacturers from supplying them to any shopkeeper, canteen and drink corners situated within 100m of the educational institutes.

PFA Director General, Noorul Amin Mengal, has strictly advised to impose hefty bans on manufacturers and suppliers who breach the ban.

Thus far, over 120 countries have imposed the soft drink ban since they are considered harmful and carry an adverse effect on children’s health. Moreover, it also ruins the growth of a child.

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In countries such as USA, UK and Saudi Arabia, the soft drink bans have been imposed since 2006, he added.

Punjab Educational Societies Food Standard Regulation 2017

Recently, PFA scientific panel devised a regulation called Punjab Educational Societies Food Standard Regulation 2017 and labeled all the school supplies under three categories: red, yellow and green.

Soft drinks have been added to the red-level after a detailed analysis in PFA labs and consultation with scientists around the globe. Experts also believe that the ban should be made a compulsion around the world as well.

PFA Director General added:

Authority’s board has fully supported a comprehensive operation across the province by creating special operation teams for effective implementation of this restriction.

[We have] constituted 701 special operation teams for monitoring and implementation of the ban.

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  • Compliments to Mr. Syed Zfar on this most essential story. The honorable DG Noorul Amin Mengal to bring Punjab in league with 120 countries. Some years back I was on an event sponsored by a Karachi NGO for Coke, where they talked about Coke to every school of Karachi for Coke when I was threatened by the sponsoring NGO and Coke PR. We hope to see some light with the initition of Noorul Amin Mengal. Mostly poor children prefer to spend money on Colas which is a pity. Blessings to PP Syed Zafar.

  • So let’s consume substandard drinks in the name of ‘juice’. Other countries have good quality juices for reasonable prices, whereas we have no option except for those highly priced ones.

  • SO late decision and we all start praising people for doing their jobs decades late, give them NIshani Haider pls.

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