HEC Bans 450 Programs from 180 Private & Public Sector Universities

For violating the standards for quality set by the Higher Education Commission, 450 programs from 180 different Universities – both private and public – have been banned. The programs are from different categories.

Programs of Masters, M. Phil, and even PhD levels are included in the blacklist. The official website of HEC is now showing an alert on it’s homepage related to the banned programs and the respective educational institutes. The notification has also been issued in newspapers so people don’t enrol themselves in these courses.

The blacklisted courses will not be recognized by HEC which is why it is important for people to make the right decisions.

Two institutes, Chakwal University and Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore have been slapped with a ban and certifications from these institutions will not be recognized by HEC anymore.

HEC is also preventing students from getting admissions in these establishments. Along with the aforementioned institutes, Al-Khair University, AJ&K and Global Institute Lahore are also mentioned in the alert on HEC’s official website. The notification warns not to seek admission in these establishments and all campuses, branches, and affiliated colleges/institutes are not allowed to admit students.

Chakwal University and Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore received this imposition due to a constant stream of irregularities and complaints against the administration and their undesired educational activities. The HEC will not attest any degrees or certifications from these institutes.

More info is available at HEC’s website.

  • HEC Ko Kiya Ho Gaya Master M.Phil PHD Ko Q Banned Kar Rahe hai :

    • Sarmad Sameer

      Wahab bhai, “Programs of Masters, M. Phil, and even PhD levels are included in the blacklist.” :D

      • I Saw Baba : But Why In BlackList :

        • Sarmad Sameer

          Masters, M.Phil, and PhD aren’t getting banned, some programs which can be studied at these levels are getting banned.

          • Oh I See (You Mean Some Types of Subject)

            • Sarmad Sameer

              Precisely :)

    • Adeel Ahmad

      because of credibility of univerisities . teachers pore hoty nae phd scholars enroll kr lety hain that is why

      • Hum to Master K Bad Shaadi K Chaakar Main Pharh Jayenge :
        iNDUSTRY Needs atlest Master with Experiance
        Log PHD Bhi Karte hai : Strange : Bhai Strange : Itna Pharh K Ek Aur Pakistan Fatah Karna Hai :p
        Ha Government Sectos Main Aj Bhi LLB&PHD With 15 Years Experirance Bande Chaheyh :”

  • Mohammad Baig

    Good initiative needs more accountability of the wrong doers.

  • Irtaza Ijaz

    Please share the link atleast.Not able to find on HEC web

  • Abdul Hadi

    global ko ban kuhn kiye :/

  • Faheem Ahmed

    they should ban virutual univerty for tooo much over course