The Yayvo Black Friday Schedule & Offers are Here #AbLootMachegi by TCS has announced its second Black Friday event, starting from the 17th of November!

Customers will have 7 days to avail tremendous amount of discounts, deals and offers.

It’s time for you to open up your piggy pack and take full advantage of over thousands of fashion, gadgets, smartphones, mobile accessories, lifestyle products and much more with discounts upto 80%! recently launched its #LoJeeLutGaye campaign, comically defining those moments where we all feel looted, betrayed, or fooled.

The videos around the MacBookBro Moment, Peela Jhoot and Customer Majboor were used to highlight daily dilemmas everyone can relate to, bringing in humor into the content.

Closing the loop, launched the Shoppers Anthem with Ali Gul Pir, because #AbLootMachegi! With Yayvo Black Friday Sale, the power will now be in the customer’s hands!

Watch Yayvo’s last Black Friday song here has partnered with renowned names of different industries in Pakistan designing a smooth journey for customers from they moment they land on the website to when they select the best discounted deals and brands to finally paying securely.

With EasyPay as its primary payment partner, Yayvo will be once again be providing 3 hassle-free payment options.

Furthermore, customers can also avail additional discounts up to 20% off when paying through their credit & debit cards:

This isn’t over yet! To further deliver on its promise of #FikarNot, and Jubilee General Insurance have partnered this Black Friday – For the first time ever, customers shopping on will now be able to buy Purchase Protection Plan for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months for their smartphones, appliances, gadgets, and much more online.

Furthermore, there will be gifts for all shoppers. With every order, customers will get a Rs 1,000 voucher from Sentiments Express. Furthermore, every order above Rs 3,500 will get a free gift hamper from Bold.

So roll up your sleeves, and ready your cards! Subscribe now at and become a part of the biggest sale event of the year!

        • Tu kia jahanum dekh kar aya hai jo us ko kalaa keh raha hai ya shetan se teri rishteydari hai molvi?

          • muteram adeel sab molvi ka mazzaq tu ura dia yeh batain app ko inte tamiz hai apne walid ye bahe ka janaza or nikkah perha suktain yeh musjid mai ja ker khutba ya immamat kerwa suke umeed hai namaz janaza bhe nae ate ho ge –

            • Hazrat pehli baat to ye hai ke Molvi ka koi concept nahin hai Islam men. Doosra, Nikah, namaz e janaza waghera, ye koi bhi Muslim parha sakta hai.
              Ye Molvi South Asia ke muslims ki eejad hain, warna Islam men ye kahin lazim nahin ke sirf molvi ki imamat men namaz parhi jaye. Koi aam muslim ye kam kar sakta hai.

              • tu rooka kis nay hai kia kerain ja ker immamat musjid mai nikkah bhe perha dia kerain baat tu phir woe kam pera molona ko bula loo- her muslman sirf muslman he bin jae tu accha hai mufti na bin jae her musliman – jo kam usi ko sajhe – jub kuch ker nae sukte tu ethraz bhe apne pass rakahain mera sawal tha kia app yeh sare kam ker sukte hai nae ker sukte tu agle gali say rasta lain sukriiya

                • Religion aam logon ke liye utra hai aur aam insanon ke samajhney ki cheez hai. Masla yeh ai Molvi ne is ko mushkil bana diya hai takey log un ke pas aen aur un ki marzi chaley aur uper se apni thekedari qaim kar li hai. Fatwey merey jesey sadey Muslim nahin lagatey, balkey molvi lagatey hain aur ap jesey log in ke fatwon ko serious letey hain.
                  Quran men kidhar likha hai ke nikah molvi parhaye ga, namaz e janaza bhi molvi parhaye ga? Kahin nahin likha, magar hum ne molvi ko wo gher zaroori responsibilities de di hain, jo ke aik aam insan bhi kar saktah ai. Kabhi Quran ko tarjamey ke sath parho, Jitna seedha Islam hai khud samajh ajaye ga aur kisi molvi ke pas janey ki zaroorat nahin parey gi.

                  • bhae kisi nay muskil nae bina dia phir lecture – you are free to lead the jamat – jae apne kisi musjid mai juma ka khutba dain phir us ke baad volunteeer kerain i am ready to for leading namaz janaza and nikkah , also you are ready to teach people quran and kids education – you are free to become imaam – apne ummed hai hadith or quran mukammal perh lia hoga hai now start teaching Sihah Sitta – The Six Authentic Hadith Books which are Sahih Bukhari – Jami al-Tirmidhi – Sahih Muslim – Sunan al-Nasa’i, Sunan Abu Dawood,Sunan ibn Majah, agar koe bhe normal common person knows these books with complete command he should come forward and start doing it rather giving useless lectures on comments – that is why i am discussing Immmat not molve – every muslim is free to teach islam lead by example see turk president he can do the immat and read quran for people guidance and even General zia use to teach islam with very good command on islamic knowlege – who is stopping you to do this ? apna gerabaan jhankna cheay – and your kind of information mai quran samj ker he perta hoo rataa lagana nae atta muje..

                    • so rather giving lame excuses and blame game please start leading by example and please dont waste your time in theory and complaining all the time.

      • khana kaba per gulaf baad mai aya hai us ka sunat or quran ke halwale say koe taluq nae – baat rung ke nae ki maine – black is usually used as a mourning day – for muslim it should be white friday as it is the biggest day among all other days

    • Bhaijan agar aap jese log har cheez me mazhab ko la kar butthurt hona band karden to bauhat meherbani hogi.


      • Black Friday (/ˈblæk ˈfraɪdeɪ/) is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since 1952, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.. as per Wikipedia.
        Idea is good, but y not we use it to facilitate Muslims before Eid rather than following the same dates as per other non Muslim Countries. In Ramadan, our all stores are selling at highest rates, but on these dates what they want to show….Think about it.

        • exactly jahan kerna cheay wahan binday ko kaat ker ruk dete hai librals or whatever practicing muslims are – han jub west say koe bhe cheez aye bandaar ki tera nachna suru-

    • @raja jee, bad tum jesey molvion ki kami thi yahan jo jar jaga tang araney puhunch jatey hain. Tum ne lena hai discount pe to lo, mahin lena to khamkha pasoori na dalo.

    • A long time back, accountants recorded losses in red and profits in black. Since the highest number of sales was recorded for the holiday season, hence the name was coined.

      • good point , but as we are muslim , we can call it white friday as we respect this day as the brightest day among all the days in week

    • yar Khuda ka khauf kero.. Black ho ya white what does it matter? in fact you are implying that Black is somehow an inferior color which is a racist thought.. in Islam there is no distinction or preference for one color over the other.

      • mutarami baat samje nae my comment is not about color – black is used as a matam day – black day in the history – mean a worse day similarly we should not call friday as black friday koe gul samj aye ?

        • sir ye to insan ne asool banaya hai na k black matam / mourning ka color hai.. ab agar koi insan black ko pasand karta hai to kia is mei koi burai hai? abhi kisi bhai n misaal di k khana kaaba ki chaadar ka color bhi black hai.. khair you have your own opinion i have my own lets agree to disagree respectfully.. sorry if my comment came across as rude..

        • American Server pe hosted aik American system pe bani website k American forum plugin pe black friday ko bura khna hai…khud aik machis ni ijaad ki aur bulwa lu jitna mrzi

          • bahe thora history perh lain american are there self cheaters – sare technology german copy ker kay stealth airplanes chela rae hai – watch german stealth airplanes on youtube pata chel jae ga choor kon hai – app nay kia teer mar lia hai american servers pe or american technolgoy pe kia machaar ijaaat ker leay hai – tana woo doo jo apne app ka na lagta hai – aik theray per bath ker jugtain koe bhe mar sukt hai apki tera sukriaya

  • prices are already above then market by about 10% to 20%(mostly, as some items are priced more than 20% then market)
    price will be equal or more then market price of mostly products on blackfriday.

    • Yayvo either never delivers or will deliver after months of khajal khwari of emailing complaining and contacting and requesting them. Yayvo is worst store though they have their own courier service.

    • I bought honor 8 lite in Rs.18082 , while in market it is about 20,000 to 21500 , how can I say that sale is useless

          • Again, this stunt is pulled off by Daraz and some other e-commerce stores too and these discounts don’t matter when the actual price is already inflated from their original ones.

            And also, from previous experiences, ordering and paying upfront is not a good idea because they usually keep delaying and cancelling the orders.

            I’m not saying it is completely spoof, but this is nothing to be excited about either.

            • Delaying and order cancelling… I agree on that brother. Ordered an infinix phone from daraz and it was shipped about 20 days later (just had this once) and order cancelling issue with yayvo, It took them about 3 weeks to issue a refund.

              Baqi PrePayment me takreeban sab daraz aur yayvo orders pe krta hu, total aik do baar hi problems huey ha. Aur sale me b mene ab tk jitne items liye ha dono sites se wo bazar se kam rates pe mile ha. Har ek ka apna apna experience ha.

              • Yep you are right but after the last year’s drama on Black Friday sale, I have no trust in these e-commerce stores.

                Yes some deals are indeed cheap so one must keep an eye open for those.

          • Yayvo doesn’t have capacity to deliver. They make u wait and cancel and put ur refunds in pending. That’s all they do except business.

    • I bought a pell fridge aspire 2000 for 17000 from daraz last year, poora pindi islamabad, murree road, saddar raja bazaar ghooma tha normally 24000 tak tha aur minimum rate 22000 ka mila tha wo bhi bohat ehsan lainay kay baad. same goes for another AC a Boss cooler and oven, also an eco star 32 LED was available for 12500 on daraz, even china aka malaysian LEDs are selling more than that in wholesale markets like college road. To bhai pehlay un logon ki sale daikh lo phir market rate daikhna aur phir faisla kerna.

    • not always true.. these online retailers make money / margin through various other means which are not applicable in retail outlets, so lots of times you can actually find a good deal online.

  • Discount should be 30 %or 25 % instead of 10% and 15 % on payment partners so average items price may decrease from original price, suppose if we interested to buy item which costs 1k ,if discount is up to 10% than it price will be only 900 , if we apply 30% discount on it , the price will be 700 and it looks good other wise discount around 50 or 100rs won’t make any difference to customers.

  • They should change its Name from Black Friday to White Friday aur Barkaat Friday… Friday in Islam is the biggest day for Muslims.. Shame on those who never stand for Islam

    • common yar, come out of this mindset that somehow Black is a bad color.. mazhab mei aisa koi concept nahi hai k black is better than white.. its actually a racist thought

      • mazab ki nikkar say nikaal ate hai why 27th of October is being remembered as the “Black Day” in Pakistan and India-held Kashmir as a protest against the occupation of the Kashmir- per pehn lo mazhib ki jurab :)

  • When a customer is given discount, it is called as “loot”, “black Friday” etc. Is it me or should the nature of advertising change. I mean, it is the customers who are going to pay. I am not going to be a part of any “loot”. I will be spending my honest buck in a dignified manner on a “discount” that is being offered.

  • Guys instead of fighting each other it is better to know the reality of Black friday. Simple is that its not for Muslims it should be blessed friday.

  • To all these people saying that Black shouldn’t be used as a name for this day, go and google the origin of Black Friday. It has nothing to do with calamites or anything else of the sort. Mind you, I’m talking about the shopping event after thanksgiving.

    Are you people this shortsighted that you ll get worked up over a simple name and that too without any logical reasons?

  • yayvo the thug company, selling fake TV’s and removing their Facebook reviews after getting repeated scores of 1 star…

    This company is a disgrace, just try getting a refund from them..

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