Muller & Phipps to Bring iPhone X and More to Pakistan

The sale of smartphones via grey market channels continues unabated in the country. It is estimated that over thousands of phones are illegally sold in various parts of the country year after year.

There are reports that the government intends to make phones sold via grey market inoperable. Plus these phones don’t come with value added services such as warranty, repairing, etc.

Should Apple iPhone fans be Worried?

For Apple iPhone fans, this represents a huge challenge. Apple Inc’s products continue to rule the hearts and minds of many Pakistanis. They are considered as a huge investment, and rightly so. iPhone owners need to know if their products will continue to run flawlessly as ever and with the peace of mind that genuine after sales services provide.

They need not worry anymore. Muller & Phipps will be bringing the latest iOS mobile devices (such as the iPhone X and iPhone 8) to Pakistan.

And what’s more, as an authorized distributor for Apple Inc products in Pakistan, they will also offer warranty claims, after sales services, and accessories for the Apple-phile.

Keeping in mind the starting price of the iPhone X ($1000 in the US), it is prudent for Apple fans to opt for products from authorized distributors and resellers in Pakistan.

Approved by PTA

For complete peace of mind and uninterrupted operation of your mobile phones, it is recommended that people should not go for phones sold from the grey market.

Muller and Phipps products from Apple Inc, especially the iPhone X and iPhone 8, will be registered with the PTA, ensuring flawless operation with Pakistani telecoms operators right out of the box.

As per PTA, only mobile phones with IMEIs that meet the following conditions will be allowed to function in Pakistan:

  • sets that are imported legally,
  • sets that are approved by PTA,
  • sets that are registered against a valid CNIC.

More than 59% of the mobile sets in the market are sold via grey market channels

So make the right choice today. Opt for the best with Muller and Phipps.

  • Anie

    I Bought iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB (Black, Non Activated) for 115,000/- from Jinnah Super Islamabad, Just a month after its official release, While it was available in US for $849 at that time.

    • Fozia

      Custom duty
      Freight Charges
      Yeh subka bill bi to aapke khaate mai aane hain G

      • Sheikh Farhan

        Sai kaha

    • adi

      $849 price is only available in USA, all other country have there own tax, even you did not get iphone in same price in UK as it is in USA.

    • Kashif Nawaz

      iPhone X price in US is $999 so equal to around 3750 Saudi Riyals but here all stores are selling at 4400 Saudi Riyals.

    • Abdul Mannan

      if you buy from Unistore Apple Store Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB the price is 105,000.00
      Adress:Ground Floor#3 Adeel Plaza 69-East A.K Fazal-E-Haq Road Blue Area Islamabad.
      92-321-51 68 169

  • Fozia

    If this system is dragged over other companies then surely we ll be in phase where system will not be fluctuated, neither our telecos will face detriment!

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    Kya baat hai….. Dawaiya bnanay wali company gurday baich key lainy wala phone introduce kray gi…

  • If it’s true and M&P sold iPhones here in Pakistan in official price (like $999 to $1,149 for iPhone X) then I’ll be first to buy iPhone X from them.

  • desi

    Why there’s no facetime on iphones sold in PK? is it blocked by PTA?

    • AbdulB1

      because they are importing from UAE not China directly.

      • Abdul Mannan

        no they are importing from Singapore but the Restriction of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Face Time App .

        • AbdulB1

          The model is Arabian one not Asian one

        • AbdulB1

          They are just importing uae model

  • bablu

    the last sentence is a tell tale sign. it is a paid-for article without appropriate tags.
    And the info contained therein, concerning PTA policies, is misleading. All IMEI carrying equipment must get PTA’s type approval. It does not mean that every IMEI needs to be registered first. Only a given make + model needs to be type approved and it can be sold afterwards freely by anyone.
    Perhaps i will write an article some day, based upon the policy published on PTA’s website, which is actually a law published in official gazette of Pakistan. The objective will be to separate fact from fiction.

    • Sana Kamal

      Can you please provide reference to the law published in the Gazette?

  • AbdulB1

    hahaha the one without facetime?

    • Kashif Nawaz

      Who is using facetime? Very few peoples. For me having facetime or not is not that much important.

      • AbdulB1

        I dont want a crippled iOS.

  • Mishal

    Absolutely useless to buy from M&P as prices will be much above market in the name of ‘warranty’ and the idiotic absence of FaceTime makes this a zero value proposition.

    • Sheikh Farhan

      Facetime issue
      only create by the shop kepper

      • Abdul Mannan

        no its issue from PTA not a shopkeeper.

  • Nab Khan

    Koi faida nai… It will not have FaceTime…