Phantom Skinz Protects Your Gadgets and Keeps Them Looking Great

There used to be a time where our gadgets were considered as boring old pieces of advanced and bulky circuitry strewn together, only to be tucked away in the corner and used as required. But not anymore.

Today our gadgets are an extension of our personality. They define us and figure in our daily conversations with everyone. It goes without saying that we love our smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and everything else that embody and enrich our lives.

What better way to love our gadgets than to give them the protection they deserve? That’s where premium mobile protection companies like Phantom Skinz come in:

Available in 300 locations across 35 countries, Phantom Skinz is also available in Pakistan, bringing their custom-cut and patented bulk-free protection features to gadget lovers here.

What you get with Phantom Skinz?

Phantom Skinz provides you with formidable and scratch-free skins for your most popular electronic gadgets. In fact, their custom skins provide you military-grade protection that you need, impervious to the naked eye since you can hardly notice it.

Here are some of the features that you can enjoy with their products:

Personalize It the Way They Are Meant to be

Perhaps you want that full body treatment for your smartphone with a matt finish? Or maybe you are more of a wooden frame guy? How about going for carbon-fiber look for your sleek and sexy phone?

All this and more from Phantom Skinz here:

Added Grip

Your gadgets, especially your mobile devices, get an added layer of grip, ensuring that it doesn’t slip easily from your hands. Perfect for those with butter-fingers.

Bring that Screen Alive with HD Clarity

Love your mobile screen but don’t want it to be covered up with a pesky screen protector? Well guess what, Phantom Skinz’s screen protectors are made with exactly this requirement in mind. Enjoy hi-def clarity with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Custom-Cut Skins

Phantom Skinz doesn’t only cater to the smartphone crowd only. They’ve got precision-cut skins ready for:

  • Laptops,
  • Gaming consoles,
  • Tablets,
  • Watches,
  • And more!

Stop Waiting for Custom Skins for Your Latest Gadgets

Got that new iPhone X or Xbox One X and need protection for it right now? Phantom Skinz has got you covered.

In fact, Phantom Skinz covers almost all the popular brands and models, so make sure you check their website to find what you’re looking for.

Get them Installed Professionally

Afraid that you might mess that screen of yours with an improperly installed skin? Don’t worry. Phantom Skinz outlets can help you get it installed the way they are meant to be. Currently Phantom Skinz is available at the following locations in Pakistan:

  • Centaurus Mall, Islamabad
  • Packages Mall, Lahore

Lifetime Guarantee

Full body covers and custom screen protectors from Phantom Skinz cones with a lifetime guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with it, the company can replace it for you free of cost.

So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite products secured today with Phantom Skinz. You can order your own online (for free delivery anywhere in Pakistan) or visit their physical outlets today.

Here’s a brief snippet of their screen protection installation procedure in action:


  • I bought this for my Samsung S7 edge from Abu Dhabi UAE so I would like to share my Experience.
    Skins are in Good Quality and in many designs
    360 protections and Life time free replacement is also there
    Not Good for Edge phone line S7,S8 and Note8. 4 time I replaced this skin because it got pealed off from edges.
    there is also service charges to reapplication the skin.
    Skin is costly too. I paid Almost 4500 Pkr for S7 Edge
    and every time 300 PKR for Reapplication.
    So I forget it and Now using without any skin :)

    • Dear Haseeb,

      I was taking care of Phantom Skinz UAE.As far your concern about peeling off it that happens within 2 weeks of the purchase you can claim free replacement anywhere not only in UAE but in Pakistan as well.

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