Daraz Announces Black Friday 2017 Offering up to 86% Discount with VEON as Title Sponsor

Daraz officially announced its Black Friday 2017, offering discounts up to 86%. VEON will be the title sponsor for the event while bringing special discounts for VEON users.

Cosponsored by Xiaomi, L’Oreal Paris, Unilever, and Tarzz, Daraz Black Friday is expected to be the biggest event of the year, going live on the 20th of November and running through a week of heavily discounted deals; flash sales and special offers.

Each day of the 7-day mega sale event will see new categories unlock.

Daraz reveals that the big deal event that it pioneered in 2015 and bested in 2016 is going to get significantly bigger this year.

Customers should expect new launches such as Mi Mix 2, as well as amazing discounts on Samsung K5000 – HD LED – 40″ – Black, Sony PS4, Mate 10 lite and Apple iPhone 8 plus – 5.5″ Display – 3GB RAM – 256GB ROM and more.

Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO Daraz, said, “We are proud to unveil our plans for this flagship sale event. In scale and magnitude, this is going to be huge. Black Friday isn’t just a sale; it’s an event, an experience. We’re working days and nights to ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded.”

Event structure and special offers

The sale this year is a week-long event starting November 20. November 20 to November 23, a new category will be unlocked every day; post November 24, everything will be on sale.

This year’s Black Friday event is also accompanied by an additional QR Code discount, that shoppers may scan in order to redeem an additional Rs. 500 discount on the Daraz app once the sale commences. The code has been sighted on flyers and billboards nationwide, generating palpable excitement three weeks ahead of the sale.

Exciting news comes from event sponsor VEON, offering exclusive deals and discounts on the VEON app.

“By partnering with Daraz to transform the biggest sale of the year to VEON Black Friday, we are committed to offer great value to our customers through strategic partnerships. Through this collaboration, our users will be able to avail premium discounts and get access to exclusive deals through VEON,” said Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital Officer, Jazz.

Scan the below and get Rs 500 discount code now:

Other special offers include free Careem and Pizza Hut vouchers with every Black Friday order.

Additional discounts from payment partners

Daraz has also partnered with banks and payment gateways such as Allied Bank, HBL, Silk Bank, Jazz Cash, Standard Chartered Bank, Easypay and Keenu that are offering additional discounts to their customers.

Faisal Nadeem Siddiqui, Group Head – Digital Banking said, “Allied Bank has always played its part in bringing in new technologies and has recently embarked upon digitization of payments.

By becoming a part of this mega shopping event, we are confident that we will be able to move the populace more towards cashless spending trends.”

Daraz is keeping a closed lid on the precise mechanics of its deals for now, but rest assured it will be the biggest retail event Pakistanis have seen to date.

To stay abreast with the latest news on the sale, sign up for the Daraz newsletter and download the Daraz app.

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    • Good name. and i think we should celebrate it before our Eid just like Black fridays comes before Christmas. We instead raise prices by 3x before Ramzan and Eid to make max profit.

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  • So they put Xiaomi prices originally at 20% higher so people enjoy buying phones on black friday at 20% discounted price which should have been the original price in the first place.

  • That discount will not be applied to the most products, not even on Xiaomi or Huawei phones. So useless for me.

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