Singer Gul Panra Issued Notice Over Tax Evasion

Gul Panra, a popular Pashto pop and rock singer, has been issued a tax notice of Rs. 10 million.

She has been warned by the Model Custom Collectorate (MCC) to pay her taxes on time or her belongings, including the property and a vehicle, will be seized and taken under custody.

The authorities revealed that the popular singer had pocketed millions of rupees from her concerts and performances countrywide, but hasn’t paid any taxes.

The recent inquiry by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Revenue) unveiled that the singer had not paid any duty and taxes causing a great loss to the exchequer.

According to the reports, Gul Panra was issued several notices regarding her unpaid taxes but she didn’t take any warning into account.

Gul Panra has been imposed with over Rs. 10 million of taxes in the final order issued by the MCC. The singer in question gained fame and recognition nationwide when Coke Studio released her song ‘Man Aamadeh Am’ in 2015.

  • Proud Farsi

    We call them as Morda gow.

  • Koi cheez aisi hai mulk me jis par tax na ho? o.O

    • Zaheer Abbas

      Hawa (Air) …. :D

      • Us pe b lag jana chahye

        • Fozia

          Also in Puncture mai Hawa

    • Muhammad Kamran

      Tax is good for health. Enjoy.

    • Muhammad Kamran

      According to Nestle Chariman Peter Brabeck “We don’t have right to water. It should be given market value and privatised”. But what Nawazy league says Pakistani don’t have right to any resource. It should be taxable.

  • Ali

    i think k tax deduction is a good thing and everyone must be liable to pay taxes which is already been done, everyone is the victim of indirect taxes, but how about GOVT. should also be liable to public disclosure of GOVT. spending , i mean how all the funds collected by tax was spent and for which purpose and what good came from it?
    How about that?

  • Salman Haider

    پھر انہی عوامی ٹیکس سے ہمارے نااہل اور کرپٹ حکمران اور سرکاری افسران اپنی عیاشیوں کا سامان کرتے ہیں.
    پیسہ پھینک، تماشا دیکھ.

  • Umar

    10 million tax means that these singers are earning anywhere from 33million to 50/55 million rupees per year. That’s a alot of money…

    • Arif

      brother more then it

  • In Logo Pe Tax Rate Zaida Hona Chahyeh Waisy

    • Fozia

      10 million is just in her case else big superstars create tax evasion

    • ZYada comments karne par b tax lagna chahye :P

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    notices issued by Model collectorate of customs means she had imported some thing which might be declared under value or with wrong description