Apply Now for the Benazir Bhutto Fellowship at Harvard University

To honor its late alumnus Benazir Bhutto, a fellowship program named “HKS ClassACT HR 1973 Graduate Leadership Program Fellowship in Honor of Benazir Bhutto” has been started at Harvard University.

“The launch of the Benazir Bhutto Fellowship is a fitting tribute to her legacy” Jamshed Kazi, UN Women Pakistan’s country representative, told. He further added that,

Benazir Bhutto has been an iconic and inspirational figure for many women — as well as plenty of men like myself.

ClassACT’s primary objective is to help resolve national and international issues by bringing together the class of 1973.


The Program

The program was initiated by Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1973 who shared the bench with twice-elected Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto at Harvard.

Applicants seeking admission in Edward S. Mason Program at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) are eligible for the fellowship. The program has started accepting applications and students from under developed or developed countries are encouraged to apply.

Benazir’s Classmates

Classmates of Benazir say she is an epitome of women empowerment and an example for all those fighting to make a change. Benazir’s class fellow and former State Governor California, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend said,

Benazir arrived at Harvard as a 16-year-old with verve, energy, curiosity and enormous determination. She inspired us with her courage in the face of tragedy, integrity where corruption was rampant, and focus when so many forces could lead to dissipation. We are eager to carry her spirit in our hearts and her legacy at our alma mater.

Marion Dry, Director Benazir Leadership Program and Co-Chair ClassACT, says,

In college, we were privileged to have Benazir Bhutto, who was to become the first woman to lead a predominantly Muslim country, as a classmate.

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Aim of the Program

The program aims to assist those who share Benazir’s vision of equality between men and women, democracy, education for all and reduction of religious and cultural gaps. The enthusiastic leaders in middle of their careers from South Asia and Middle East will get support from the program. Jamshed added that,

It [program] will provide training for a new generation of leaders in public service from Pakistan and countries across the Middle East and South Asia.

Those who fulfil the eligibility criteria can now apply for fellowships in the Mason Program.

Via: ARY News

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