Telegram Blocked in Pakistan!

Popular chatting app Telegram continues to face issues in Pakistan. Its renowned for its privacy-first focus, lack of resource usage, a huge feature list and boasts hundreds of millions of active users. Even WhatsApp has copied several features from Telegram over the past few years. The messaging app is very popular amongst the country’s youth.

More than a month ago, reports started surfacing that Telegram users in Pakistan are facing issues in connecting with their apps. Reportedly, some users started experiencing problems with its web version first. Now it seems like most people them can’t even use Telegram’s mobile apps as well.

Some users report that using a VPN solves their issue, leading many to conclude that a firewall might be to blame for the app’s inability to connect.

Over at Downdetector, a website that monitors the downtime of popular internet-based services, here’s what some the users from Pakistan had to say:

There are hundreds of Pakistanis commenting at Downdetector and many more who are voicing their complaints via Twitter.

Over at Twitter, Pakistani users are still trying to figure out when Telegram will be back online:

According to reports, most of the users facing the issue have confirmed that the problem is specifically related to some specific ISPs only.


It appears that PTCL has deliberately blocked Telegram as per instructions from PTA.


  • Chokor Chaddi

    It is not PTCL issue. Unable to access it on cellular internet and nayatel.

    • AbdulB1

      maybe they use PTCL backbone

  • Omar

    it is working fine on ZoNG 4G.

  • What, here title is again misleading. A clickbait to get more people to visit this page. And those who will not visit, will remain in impression that govt again have something to do with this.

    Why couldn’t you write that telegram facing technical difficulties in instead of current [random slang abusive word here] title. Grow up guys.

    Also when you are saying yourself, its related to ptcl only, how this have something to do with the whole Pakistan.

    I love to come back and read this blog and its stories, but may be won’t if this kind of clickbait culture prevails.

    • Ali Salman

      I agree with you.

      Looks like article writing is outsourced to kids who want to earn sitting home and do there best to bring forward their political affiliation/love/hatred.

      • continuedhere

        TIL telecommuting is a bad word here!

    • mnh

      Use adblockers. Not visiting PP is not a solution.

    • Kashif Muhammad Qasim

      Well said! They have came a long way in this clickbait saga. And the old original readers of ProPK really miss the old days.

    • Saadi

      Why do you guys find everything clickbait? Telegram is not facing any technical issue, you can access it with a VPN. Government do have to do with its blocking, PTCL and Nayatel have clear instructions from PTA to block it. You can check on twitter and downdetector that its blocked in the whole country.

      • Bilal Ahmadzai

        Exactly man

    • Saadi
    • Shahrukh

      Lol PTA has blocked Telegram in Pakistan how dumb can you be to think its a technical glitch at Telegram’s part.

    • Murtaza Saeed

      Lol technical difficulties. At least get your facts straight before commenting. PTCL themselves admitted it is blocked and I got a call today after inquiring about this that strict orders have been given to block telegram on all networks by PTA.

      I had been in touch with Telegram back and forth on Twitter about this with log files and all, but they did all that they could. This is now out of their control.

      Besides, think about it, with common sense if you have any, how can a technical issue for Telegram affect one country where Telegram has no servers?

  • Zak Stanley Rogoff

    PTCL tweeted last Thursday that it was blocking Telegram in accordance with a PTA order.

  • Saadi

    Pakistani users are facing this issue for almost a month. First they were throttling the telegram’s traffic now its completely blocked since 2-3 days. PTA gave the orders to block it because of some terrorist activities on Telegram but thats not how you tackle a problem. Do they really think that they can halt their communication by blocking it like the terrorists don’t know how to use VPN/proxy or just any other App. Why don’t our Government block the whole internet and we all can go back to stone age and live in peace.

  • MZO

    Same here on Nayatel. Considering I use Telegram for most of my stuff for about 70% of my time. This is a huge problem for me, that too without any notice or warning.

    • Shahmeer

      Same on Nayatel, however it works on Telenor, you might wanna check that out, if you have Telenor.

      • MZO

        Oh I see Shahmeer, I don’t use Telenor unfortunately. However I’ve switched to a proxy network: It is slow but usable

  • Ya ALLAH Whatsapp Bacha Lena Aaamen

  • At our company we had to move away from Telegram due to its blockade in Pakistan. Our day to day communication was happening there. So we ended up moving to Slack.

    The reason for the blockade that we found was in line with the dates of an article on Express Tribune, titled “How a selfie cracked Da’ish in K-P”. (can’t paste links here).

  • Adnan

    Reliance Jio network par bhi ek article hona chahye comparison keliye

  • What problem will it solve by blocking telegram? We also heavily relied on it for school related communication. I really hope the government revert their decision soon. I launched a complaint with Nayatel and they confirmed that its not in our hand, it has been blocked on PTA’s order.


    PTCL is blocking everything, Please use the best feature of Telegram using Telegram VPN. There is no power on earth who can block Telegram, because telegram used its own builtin vpn. JUST GOTO SETTINGS AND SELECT vpn ACTIVE, THEN ENTER vpn iDS (bY SEARCHING ON gOOGLE)

  • Imran Khan
    Without announcement too bad to block telegram traffic shame on PTCL.

  • Kamran Khoso

    dear our buisness has stopped due to bad connection of telegram can any one tell how it can be opend by other server

    • Saadi

      You can use any free VPN(like Opera VPN) or internal proxy setting in Telegram. Go to Telegram Settings -> Data and storage -> Proxy Settings

      you can use any proxy from www . socks-proxy . net

      Note: Not every proxy will work, first make sure its version is socks5 not socks4 and choose from US or any European country.

    • Raja Umer

      you can use turbo vpn or this proxy for unblocking ….
      it’s working , i tried:
      port 45888

  • Shahzad Waheed

    Its working fine on PTCL here in Gujranwala. Having No Issues At All.

    • Arslan Ejaz

      Not working on Zong in Gujranwala

  • Kaleem

    Anybody know why it’s been banned?

  • Those awesome features and crystal clear voice calling quality of Telegram even on 2G networks :(

  • Fahad Asad

    Very Bad they dont block other country’s apps from India and US which are really spying and data mining of pakistani people. but they have blocked this innocent beautiful russian instant messaging and Video Call app which is secure..

    Its Block all over the Pakistan… including ZONG and Local Internet service providers.

  • Wolverine

    Kia bakwas hai yar Pakistan mein bnda koi achi service use ni kr sakta. 2 saal se Telegram use kr rha hu Whatsapp delete kr di thi. Ab majburan dobara WA use krni par rahi hai.

  • Ch Hasnain

    still not working on android. Not connecting with phone number after install.

  • Isham Afridi

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  • Azi

    still blocked?

  • Ali Arain

    is it working On Zong 4g?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    backward pakistan…