Google’s Popular Teenage Developer Launches ‘Lies’ App

On Wednesday, Michael Arthur Sayman, a mobile application entrepreneur and software engineer, launched his latest game Lies.

The trivia game Lies displays your name along with four facts about you, to your friends. The surprise is that only one of these four facts is actually true and the rest of them are just lies. It’s up to your friends to ‘choose’ a true fact about you!

Sayman is known as the youngest ever employee to work for Facebook. He joined the company as a full-time software engineer at the age of 17.

Sayman helped the company make grounds in the middle school market by building famous apps like ‘Lifestage’ for the company. He is also known for his famous app 4 Snaps, which he built in his teens along with four other famous apps. He currently works for Google as the ‘youngest’ Product Manager.

Lies has been built on the concept of ‘tbh’, which is an anonymous compliment sharing app that was recently acquired by Facebook after it topped the gaming charts last month.

“The idea came to me as an evolution of the past games I had created, as well as what I noticed was becoming popular on the App Store today,” says Sayman.

Lies asks Tinder-style questions about yourself. You can choose ‘yes’ for the ones you like and swipe away those you don’t. The app then forwards these questions to the contacts added by you – in tbh-style, that displays four attributes about you, among those only one is true.

The contacts that are added to Lies guess the right attribute about you. This app can help you find out who really knows about you and who doesn’t.

Sayman claimed that it took him only 2 weekends to develop this trivia game before he joined Google. The Android version is still being worked on.

That being said, Lies might sound appealing and enthralling at first, but it could turn into an insipid one if people started asking foolish and shameful questions.

Sayman, who is in news for launching this new app, is known for the influence he has caused in the teen tech market. He has been developing apps since he was 13, and his target on youth, which generates huge traffic, makes him a valuable asset in the tech industry.

Via TechCrunch

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