NTS Acting CEO Refuses to Resign

The acting National Testing Service (NTS) chief, Sherzada Khan, has refused to ‘resign’ in defiance of the decision taken by Mir Dostain Khan Domki, Minister of State for Science and Technology, declaring the decision as “illegal”.

A few days ago, Domki had requested Dr. Raheel Qamar, Chairman NTS Board of Directors (BoD), to ‘dismiss’ the acting CEO of NTS and start a separate inquiry against him regarding NTS affairs and lodge the report by the second week of December.

“The recruitment body is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and under its rules and regulations only the BoD has the authority to remove Khan, not the ministry,” said an NTS official supporting Khan’s bold statement.

The sources revealed that last Sunday, the BoD held a meeting in Islamabad to tackle recent challenges faced by the entity. Surprisingly, the acting CEO wasn’t invited to that meeting which was led by COMSATS’ Executive Director, Syed Junaid Zaidi, who is described as the front-runner of all NTS affairs.

Sherzada Khan defied all the allegations against him stating, “I ran the company as per the rules and tried to clean it and introduced strict checks and balances. [I] took action against a few people indulged in corrupt practices and resisted political pressure to favor some individuals,” he added.

Khan told that he had also demanded the Director General of Federal Investigation Agency to help him combat against the financial swindle in the NTS. “Some politicians in the Senate and the National Assembly are conspiring against the NTS and its CEO,” he asserted.

Owing to the petition filed by the Federal Board of Revenue Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, the customs’ court has called 6 NTS executives, including Sherzada Khan, on Tuesday. They are supposed to delineate the alleged irregularities of Rs. 682 million occurred in past six years.

The PPP Senator, Sherry Rehman, has also filed a petition over alleged “money-laundering and tax evasion, and concealment of assets” by the NTS officials. She has requested the court to take stern action against those who are killing merit in Pakistan.

Via Tribune

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