Arrested Hackers from Rahim Yar Khan “Learned Everything Online”

Police has arrested three people on charges of stealing money by hacking ATM machines and bank accounts.

After an initial inquiry, the accused revealed to Police officials that there are several videos and tools available on the internet that teach how to hack Information Technology (IT) systems.

“The suspects used to access ATM machine system of local banks in Rahim Yar Khan through their internet and laptops and would monitor transactions being processed through banks,” a policeman revealed.

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Items Recovered

Police conducted a raid in Rahim Yar Khan where laptops and blank ATM cards along with latest IT devices were seized.

Apart from these devices, ladies’ purses and multiple cell phones were also recovered by the police. Police says that the accused might have been involved in snatching as well. Javed Arshad Paracha, assistant Sub-inspector, said,

It is also being investigated whether the suspects were also involved in snatching mobile phones and purses from people as such material was seized from them.

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Persons Involved

Two brothers and a third person were arrested in Shah Nawaz Colony of Rahim Yar Khan. The arrested individuals pretended to be students when they rented the house.

The policeman anonymously said,

The two brothers belonged to Sadiqabad Tehsil of Rahim Yar Khan District, while their third accomplice hailed from Faisalabad and all of them had knowledge of IT and were experts of hacking IT devices and machines.

The police has told the media that the accused allegedly hacked bank accounts and ATMs and stole millions. The accused further told the police that they bought the hacking software online. There were various videos on the web to guide them through the hacking.

Via: Tribune

  • That’s called talent, not a crime…!!

    • Syed Anwar Ahmed

      Wait for the moment when some talented guy point his metal on you and ask for funds

      • Adb

        Well said

      • Wo talent to Pakistan ki roads pe 24 hours khajjal hota hy,
        By the way companies pay to the hackers who hack their devices, Most of them hire the hackers.

    • Adb

      That’s wasting your talent for the wrong things ! People are doing Ethical Hacking for the right cause as well. This is just like a person searching on google how to become a “Robber”.

      • Valid point..!! But the banking system should be ashamed how easily their ATM machines can be hacked.

        • Talented Jawad Amin

          You sure know what talent is. Moron stealing ain’t talent.

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          Do you even know what hacking is? You just seem to comment to get an interview on propakistani just like Abdul WAHAB. Propakistani and it’s expert commentators: Jawad Amin and Abdul WAHAB.

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          Hats off to this idiot who thinks hacking unethically as a talent. You sure are meme material. Is extortion, kidnapping also talent?

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          Lol talent coach. Please work in prisons. You will spot lot of talent there.

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      its not talent -_- joji baba fuck off -_-

    • Faraz

      yea taking someones hard earned money is a talent! SMH

    • Red Hat

      Son of a bit**. My account was hacked and had to suffer a lot of trauma and pain. People like you encourage these thugs as talent. I hope your account gets hacked and get to know how it feels. I suggest you to stop commenting with out reason. Rot in he**.

  • Ye to Awam K Sath Na Insaffi Hai (Agar IT Walo Ko JOB Nahi Doge) To Wo Kahi Se to Apna Kharcha Pura Karenge Na :
    Itna Paisa Laga K to Parha tha :)

  • Usama

    Recently I hacked my neighbour’s wifi

    • Anonymous

      How to?

      • Talal

        The neighbour must be stupid and using password like 123456, abcdef, admin or simply his name. Aida wadda hacker.

    • Khurshid Ahmed

      using wifi manager app on android i guess which works only if someone uses a pre written password on router?

    • Your neighbor

      That was your own wifi, idiot.

  • Zelda

    what a shame … how people are excited about it , most of them asking for references they want to learn , so that generate black $$$ like them …. shame is people not care about HALAL or HARAM nowadays ….

  • its modern crime it may higher and need more cyber security officers soon in Pakistan for Government Department Also and so called online shopping and more companies …

  • My question is how police got Intel and arrested them? How they knew that the guys remotely hacking ATMs are located here….

    • Imran

      Valid point, a person who can hack atm can’t hide his Ip address isnt possible though, and a hacker who can hack bank don’t need to go down and looted ladies purses as well =)