Protesters Agree to End Dharna Upon Approval of Demands

Citizens can breath a sigh of relief as the government has finally taken some action to end the weeks long protest that has paralyzed life across Islamabad and the country. Zahid Hamid is resigning as the federal Law minister as the government gives in to the demands of the protestors.

Late Sunday night, negotiations between the government and the leader of the demonstration solved the matter. The protest claimed the lives of six innocent people and over 100 of them were injured during the operation conducted by the government.

The Federal Minister tendered his resignation to Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi voluntarily. Hamid’s resignation was the chief demand of the protesters.

The decision to resign was taken in a bid to steer the country out of the prevailing critical situation, said Hamid, adding that he would issue detailed statements later.

Hamid said the Election Act was formulated by a parliamentary committee comprising of members belonging to all political parties.

Demands Agreed to by the Government

In the agreement, they were only expressing their opinion on the amendment in Khatm-e-nabuwwat clause. Upon affirmation of demands from the concerned authorities, the religious party will end the sit-in and urge their allies across the country to be peaceful.

The demands have been outlined here:

  1. Law minister Zahid Hamid is suspended, TLYRAP will not issue any ‘fatwa’ against him.
  2. The government had already reinstated amendments to the Election Act 2017 clauses 7A and 7B relating to Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (the finality of the prophethood). They had 30 days to release the Raja Zafarul Haq report. TLYRAP has demanded the government prosecute those responsible for the ‘clerical mistake’ under the law and constitution of Pakistan.
  3. All the workers and participants of the sit-in who have been arrested by security officials since its start on November 6 should be released and all the cases against them be dropped.
  4. Formation of an inquiry team to investigate the security action against TLYRAP sit-in on November 25. Those responsible should be prosecuted within 30 days.
  5. The federal and provincial government should compensate for all personal and public damages caused in the entire duration of the sit-in.
  6. The Punjab government should fulfill demands previously agreed upon.

Protesters started packing their belongings & police started removing containers from Rawal dam side, Garden Avenue, Zero point and other places early in the morning. However, they were forced to block the areas again after the protesters said they wanted to wait for an official end to the sit-in by the leaders of the dharna.

  • لبیک یا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

    • Baby

      Beshak!! But did you read his pbuh teachings other than that favour you? Like critics about you? Like you should offer prayers 5 times a day? Good luck!

    • Ali Salman

      I invite you all to see point number (i) of actual law and point number (iii) of bill approved in October.

      Let everyone do some research instead of showing their love for Prophet (PBUH) by abusing government and parliament to see if there was any change or not.

      I see that even in the bill approved in October the finality of Prophet-hood clause was intact.

      The only change I see is changing the wording from “solemnly swear” to “declare”.

  • Taib

    What a f”cking joke of a country. The fact that it can be held hostage by a few extremists is shameful; I can only imagine what would happen to Mr. Hamid and I pray for his safety in the coming days. I never actually contemplated revoking my pakistani nationality until now; wonder how I’ll explain this sh*t to the Westerners

    • FuriousNinja

      Don’t exaggerate sir.

      When people do get out on streets, things tend to get a little hot for the Government of any country. You can google protests and see how people can hold any government hostage.

      The demands are fair and square. Only if this could have been done sooner.

      Don’t worry about his life either. Nothing will happen to him, I was also like you two days back but these all powerful elite cannot be touched so easily.

      About explaining to the so called Westerners, their media maligns Islam and Pakistan at every chance they get. It doesn’t really matter. If you really want to explain to your foreign friends, you end your statement by saying that peaceful agreement was reached and no bloodshed happened apart from few incident of injuries and some casualties which are bound to happen in a riot of this scale. I don’t know where you live, but every country faces riots of every kind and people get killed.

      If they were really extremists, they would have demanded his head lol.

      • Taib

        Just like nothing happened to Mashal Khan right? Hmmm….

        • FuriousNinja

          Hmm I forgot she was powerful person here. Hmmm.

          Should I write more hmms or you have read only line from above?

          Edit: After reading your comment to another poster below me, I think it would be better if you do revoke your Pakistani nationality. Have a great life in the Western world.

          It is actually amazing that you people turn a blind eye, like these things dont happen in other countries.

          Dont worry about his life, he ll be safe and sound. Time will tell you.

          And yeah, hmmm.

    • ImranG

      So, you are ashamed of being born in this country. You must be then ashamed of your parents too. You are worried to explain your background to westerners. You don’t have to explain anything. Just tell them you are one of them and convert to their religion. This country don’t need to give any s#it to you.

      People like you are disgrace to this country. Just go ahead and revoke your nationality you piece of self-centered s#ithole.

      • Taib

        Yeah because calling out violent acts like burning cars, obstructing ambulances resulting in the deaths of people and calling for the name of the person for an eventual public lynching is the work of a sh*thole.
        I got news buddy, you are full of sh*t!
        Stay the f*ck out of North America and Europe
        You and your people have no place in a Western civilized society.

        • Zane

          Mate, you should be proud of being Pakistani. I totally agree with you. That D’head mulla is ruining the name of Pakistan all over the world. His followers are just blind and illiterate for following a Mulla who uses foul language in his speeches and provoke them. Even i feel ashamed in Australia when i get asked of what’s been happening in Pakistan but i never change my nationality. I proudly say that I am from Pakistan and that there are few sick people out there who would follow people like that mulla no matter what.

        • Furqan Silya

          Do you have a place over there?
          Well… the time will tell you…
          Wait and watch baby..
          They can never be our friend..

    • Furqan Silya

      If you can’t explain them …
      Why the f’cking are you showing your weakness here
      Shame on you….
      Mr Hamid will get what he deserves?