Ansoo: A Short Film Based on Junaid Jamshed’s Life Coming on December 1st

Junaid Jamshed’s melodic voice went silent forever on December 7th 2016. After a year of his accidental death in a plane crash, a documentary on the singer-turned-religious-scholar will be released on 1st of December this year.


Documentary ‘Ansoo’ will take a close look at Junaid Jamshed’s life.

Salman Ahmad of Junoon revealed that:

Ansoo will show people the hidden side of Junaid’s character & reveal that he was a multidimensional personality not the black & white caricature that the media has made of him.

The documentary is being directed and produced by Pakistani American Imran Ahmad Khan.

Ahmad Khan spent a lot of time finding rare videos and pictures of Junaid Jamshed to capture never-seen before moments of Junaid’s life. Ahmad says that the film is an attempt to shed light on Junaid’s life as a kind person.

Apart from that, the movie will also evince the last conversation Junaid Jamshed had before leaving for the eternal world.

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Singer to Scholar

Junaid Jamshed was a lead singer of popular pop band ‘Vital Signs’. He reached the heights of fame with his never-ageing songs like ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’.

He then left singing to become a religious scholar. This news was nothing less than a shock for his music followers. However, Junaid stuck to his newly found reverent path and discontinued singing. His decision of becoming a televangelist never abated his fame and he was still followed by large numbers.

Junaid died in a PIA plane crash while coming back from Chitral to Islamabad. He may not be alive anymore but his work will be remembered forever.

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